I like blogging…

I like blogging. It’s fun to share what I’ve got going on. At one point I decided I would blog next when I had finished a project that would be fun to share and be interesting to other people, and then it never happened. I don’t just mean the blogging part, but also the project! Life is funny that way. I finished Project 365 on my 31st birthday and then I practically stopped taking photos. I’ve taken far less photos in these past few months than I have in probably years. I guess a photo a day will do that to you. I noticed a couple of things though. When I took at least one photo every day, life seemed way more exciting and meaningful. I think blogging does that too. I’m 99% sure I’ll be doing Project 365 again starting January 1st, with some new creative prompts to go along with it, and I’d like to get back to blogging also.

I also must admit that it was not as easy to blog when I was job hunting. I didn’t share much about temporary work either, and then once I found myself in a permanent job, it was incredibly draining and a weird schedule. Now that I am working in a permanent position where I have a job that I love, and have gotten pretty settled in, I’ve found some time to scrapbook again and have started thinking of some new projects I would like to do. I’m feeling inspired again!

So hello again blogging world! It feels good to be back.

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November 13, 2011 · 4:36 pm

One response to “I like blogging…

  1. sheblogan

    Oh it so good to have you back blogging. Everyday God gives us something to reflect upon. Some funny and some tough. Listen to your life and let us in on what you hear!

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