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Hello 2012

Hello 2012! Hello to a new year with one job, plans for trips, a 7-week summer break. Hello to a new year with hope and possibility. Hello 2012, hello!


2011 was:

*Working a temp job that brought me two assignments

*Getting hired permanently by two different places, but in the end being in the right place.

*Meeting new people and making new friends

*Going on vacation, sick, to California that was windy and cold

*Our garage being broken into twice!

*Finally getting my A1C down below 7!!!

*Completing Project 365 and then mostly taking a break from taking photos and blogging very much.

*Cousins camping at Lake Carlos, even more this year than the last!

*Camping with my fam in beautiful Door County, WI

*A tornado making a mess of our part of the city

*A lot more texting

*A new car for Trevor

*A lot of grapefruit breakfasts

*A lot of good and bad days all mixed together

*A lot of love.


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