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A new week after a needed weekend

It has been a busy past few days! I am doing better. My ear is fine, just a little sore. Cash is tired out from a weekend away from home, but otherwise his energy level is totally normal and his injuries seem to be healing well. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers! The toughest time for me has been trying to fall asleep without thinking about the attack. I’m sure eventually I will stop thinking about it, but it might take a few more days. Oddly enough, the latest issue of City Pages has an article called “Dangerous Dogs of North Minneapolis” that I have yet to read. I’m sure it was inspired by the recent pit bull attack of a mail carrier.

We had a great weekend camping with some of Trevor’s cousins. It was exactly what we needed! 7 of the 24 cousins were there. I already booked the site for next year and hopefully more cousins can make it. It’s fun to start a new tradition. 🙂

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The 16-hour enchiladas (and how my little dog was attacked by pit bulls)

This morning I set my alarm and woke up at 6:30 AM to put chicken, lime, garlic, salt, pepper, and thyme in the crock pot. That way it would be ready this evening for me to make enchiladas for dinner. Or so I thought.

I woke up this morning not feeling the greatest. I’ve been pretty down/overwhelmed by life lately. Because of my off morning, I ended up taking my cockapoo Cash on his daily walk a little later than normal. I have been walking him every day for a couple of weeks now. I really have loved these peaceful walks around the neighborhood. Well, today I didn’t end up taking him until 2 PM. It was good to get our of the house that smelled like delicious garlic chicken anyway. 🙂 Right away on my walk I noticed that there were more people and dogs around than I usually encounter earlier in the day.  I felt like changing up the usual route I go and sort of zig-zagging around, so after a few blocks I took 35th street over towards the parkway.

Cash and I were crossing the street when I heard someone yelling names. When I looked over I saw two pit bulls running towards me. A second later they had both immediately attacked Cash, latching onto him and not letting go. I was horrified! I had heard about other recent pit bull attacks, but in other parts of North, not in my area. I have walked Cash around our neighborhood SO many times and had never seen pit bulls not chained up or in a back yard fenced in. I just didn’t ever worry about being attacked. I didn’t want to think that they were all so bad and that it would happen to me. But today was the day. Of course it wasn’t one pit bull either, but TWO.

They kept biting and I kept screaming. It all happened so fast. I still was holding onto his leash, so I pulled and yanked him up into the air, but the pit bulls grabbed back onto him. Their owner came running over to us and kept yelling their names, but they kept biting. I yanked at Cash again, getting him away, and then he again was grabbed by the pit bulls, and I kept screaming, “No” at the top of my lungs. On the third of fourth try I was able to yank Cash away from the dogs and grab onto him and pull him towards me. The whole time he was barking and snarling back at them, so when I grabbed him he was still in defense mode and took a big bite of my ear. I grabbed him and went over to the boulevard and sat down and sobbed. The owner of the pits somehow got them and brought them back into their house. They weren’t on leashes. At this point I learned that they lived in the house across the street on the corner. Their owner told me they had their rabies shots and she had never seen them do anything aggressive before. She said she was bringing them out the front door to go put them on chains in the back yard. Some other neighbors came out and asked if I was okay. The owner went into her house for paper and pen and gave me her information. Another neighbor talked to me. I touched my ear and saw lots of blood. I had no idea how bad it was. I was completely shaken up. I didn’t see any blood on Cash at least. I told them I wanted to go home. I was so shaken up and I just wanted to get away from that house. I found my cell phone laying in the middle of the street and headed back home. I didn’t get very far before another neighbor came out and talked to me. She said she had called the police, so I told her I would call them when I got home.

When I got home I saw that my ear was pretty bloody. I cleaned it up and called animal control. Later in the afternoon an officer came over and had me file a report. While I was sitting there I heard the crockpot beeping that the chicken was done. That meant I was behind on making dinner, but at this point, what could I do? The officer was really helpful, and told me I needed to bring Cash to a vet to have them check for any wounds. I probably should have thought to do that myself.

I talked to Trev and he said he would be home soon. I cooked the tortillas and added rice to the crockpot so I could continue with dinner. Soon Trevor got home. He called the vet and they could get Cash in if we brought him right away. We left right away. When we got to the vet they were super busy. Eventually we got into a room and a vet tech looked him over and found wounds in his arm pits and also in his ears. One of the ear ones was so deep- it was all the way through the skin. I felt so bad for Cash! We took photos to document the wounds for animal control. We had to leave so that they could shave and clean up the wounds. We had an hour, so we decided to eat dinner at a restaurant since we were hungry and exhausted. When we came back we found out that Cash needed staples and stitches, so we walked around PetSmart until they were done. By this time it is after 8:00. We head home and take more pictures and then stop over to talk to the neighbors to tell them about today. I finally get back to my kitchen, roll up the enchiladas and put them in the oven. Done at 10:30PM! They’re going in the freezer for us to eat them later.

Now I’ve got a drugged up dog sitting by me (while my ear throbs) who won’t lay down so he keeps falling over or almost falling over. I’m sure it’s uncomfortable for him to lay down. He tried to lay down a little while ago but he kept whining. I’ve also got to make a call tomorrow to the owner about the $250+ vet bill. Wish me luck with that!

At this point I’d also like to mention that while my afternoon was happening, Trevor was getting an emergency root canal. This was quite the expensive day for us!

And I never even got to eat any enchiladas.


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Twenty Miles

Photos from our 20-mile bike ride with Kyle and Erin yesterday:

lunch at Chipotle:

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it, but I actually made it back home. Ha!

The four of us are hoping to do another bike ride soon, and definitely one in the Fall!

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A list of firsts, Mazel Tov!

My friend Amy’s husband had to leave town early Sunday morning for work, so she asked if I would be her date to her friend’s wedding Sunday afternoon.

Lots of firsts for me!

*This was my first “date” with Amy, as we met through a mutual friend. Amy is such a kind, fun, happy, 8-month pregnant woman. 🙂

*This was my first wedding on a Sunday. I’ve only been to Friday and Saturday weddings.

*This was the first time I went to a wedding where I didn’t know the bride OR the groom.

*This was the first time I attended a Jewish wedding!

I had an absolutely lovely afternoon with Amy at B’nai Emet Synagogue in St. Louis Park at the Gershone wedding. It was great that the wedding program had an explanation for each part of the wedding ceremony. Yes, the groom broke glass. 🙂 The reception was beautiful and very joyful.

I took a few photos with my point and shoot.

I love the look on the bride’s face when they first lifted them up on the chairs!

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Music Memories

While Trevor was gone in Fergus last weekend I finished up scrapbooking my photos from 2008. Here are the layouts I did about concerts I went to that year!

I’ve been holding on to this paper for a long time. I finally found the perfect layout to use it. 🙂

I stamped the lyrics on the cardstock and then covered that half with a transparency.

Thanks for looking!

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Keep It Real

It’s been a busy week.

The house is pretty messy, at least for me. I even scrapbooked last night and the room still looks like this today. I’ve barely been home all week! I’ve got to get some things done this weekend! My flowers definitely need to be watered and pruned and some weeding needs to happen too. Laundry? What’s that? Oh, and I haven’t bought groceries in a while. Oops.

BUT, my friend Renata is here for just a few days from Brazil! She’s here visiting her cousin, and I’m so happy to see her. I wish she could visit more often! I’m hoping to get to spend more time with her this weekend, and if that means the other stuff gets neglected, I’m going to make myself ok with that!

Sometimes, I gotta keep it real!


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Trev taught me how to play Cribbage yesterday.
1)Why don’t all card games have boards that help you keep track of points?
2)Who made up this game with all the counting and different ways to score? Out of control.
3)I was lucky and my first two hands were unusually really awesome hands. Trevor was in awe.
4)We need to do this more.

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We Used to Wait

So excited that Arcade Fire has a new CD out! This is their third album and there has been 3 years between each one. I have been waiting for this ever since I heard it was coming out, earlier this year. It came out today and I got it as soon as I could! I have never seen them live but I really hope they come to Minneapolis soon.

There is actually a live show streaming on Thursday, August 5th. I’m totally going to check it out.

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A new month

Wow. July really flew by! Today is August. Crazy. We didn’t have a whole lot of anything planned ahead for July, but we sure did fill it up fast! We traveled to Fergus Falls and Sheboygan. I went on an impromptu trip to Iowa and hung out at Lake Week for a couple of days. We spent lots of time with family and had some fun visitors! Trevor started his new job, Cash turned 4, and I got set up at a temp agency to possibly do some temp work again. We ended the month with my good friend Katie and her boyfriend Bob flying in from Baltimore. This morning we all went to church, and now Katie and Bob are off to hang out with her brother and parents and other area relatives for the rest of the day. It’s so good to be around a friend who has known me half my life! 🙂

I am still doing Project 365, and am now more than 1/3 of the way through it. It is really awesome already to look back at the various photos I’ve taken. I can only imagine how fun it will be to look back in the coming years.  It’s been so easy to get a shot a day. I imagine it will be a lot harder come winter. I guess I’ll see! If you’d like to take a look at the photos I shot for 365 for July, you can see them here.


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