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Who I Am & What I Love

Today is my birthday, and I’m 31!

I saw this on a blog I read, and thought today was a good day to do this since it was my birthday.

Who I Am:

a follower of Christ,

wife, daughter, cousin, aunt, friend, preacher’s kid,

church-goer, college graduate, singer, choir member, dog owner/mama,

blogger, journaler, photo-taker, documenter, scrapbooker/paper-crafter,

list-maker, organizer, Wisconsonite/Minnesotan, Scandinavian,

home owner, gardener, cook, bike-rider, blue eyed, glasses-wearer, music lover


What I love:

the Lord,

my husband, my family, my cockapoo,

my cozy home, North Minneapolis, my church, my friends,

working (temporarily) in a diverse place,

meeting new people, going new places, travel, learning new things,

texts/calls/e-mails from friends,

handmade gifts, candles, IKEA, Patina, Italian food, trying new recipes,

being at the lake in the summer, walking Cash,

blogs, hoodies, jewelry, good TV,

indie films, foreign films, documentaries, a good action flick,

singing gospel music,

grapefruit, morning coffee, smoothies,

Spring blossoms, birds, sleeping in, party games, driving in the summer,

Norwegian things, house guests, summer fires,

Arcade Fire, Over the Rhine, Eisley, Radiohead, Sigur Ros…


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Project 365: It was a good year!

Today is my last day of Project 365!

My first photo:

My last photo:

My friend Becca inspired me to try it. I had seen it all over online but wasn’t sure I could pull it off. Once I saw she was giving it a shot I thought I might as well try too! So thanks to Becca for inspiring me to try Project 365! I also want to thank the people who encouraged me along the way, especially my family (and I’m so excited that you are doing Project 365 now Dadio!), Trev, Britta, Scott & Emily, my cousin Jen, and Ariah. Thanks for motivating me to keep going. I actually never missed a day. There were a couple of days that I almost forgot, but always managed to find something to photograph!

You can see all the photos here.

I documented my life at age 30, so I started on my 30th birthday last year. During the time I did the project I worked 2 temp jobs, celebrated 6 years of marriage with Trevor, went camping twice with cousins, had many visitors, went to Phoenix, AZ and Huntington Beach, CA, and much more. Taking the photos helped me to see each day with a different perspective and to appreciate all the events and even the little things that much more. I hope that it made me a better photographer as well!

Favorite Photo: Day 269

Least Favorite Photo: Day 189

Hardest to shoot: Day 87

Most fun to shoot: Day 201

Best day: Day 203

Worst day: Day 149

In the 365 photos there are 121 friends and family members!

There are 9 dogs! Of course our cockapoo Cash Howard is in lots, especially because sometimes he’s just in the background. He’s in a grand total of 16. But the other dogs included were Kirby & Dakota Dwyer, Kia Pedersen, Barkley Shaw, Brody Pedersen, Nellie LeDuc, Nemesis Kraft, and Ralphie Rymsza.

The photos are taken in 20 cities/towns and then various suburbs: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Duluth, Fergus Falls, Dent, Alexandria, Moorhead, Cannon Falls, New Prague, Almelund, Miltona, and Perham, MN; Sheboygan, Madison, and Montello, WI; Fargo, ND; Waverly, IA; Fountain Hills and Phoenix, AZ; Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach, CA.

I took a photo of our house in each season, but wish I would have gotten one in actual Spring.

17 photos involve my gardening!

50 photos include food or beverage or are taken at a meal!

8 involve celebrating birthdays!

3 have something to do with weddings.

11 photos have me in them.

It was fun and I highly recommend it to anyone else who is interested. Give it a try!


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Ten on Tuesday

1. We took a vacation to Huntington Beach, California with our friends Brian and Jennie Kraft. We were there for 5 days and I was sick all 5 of them.

2. At least we got away for a bit and it was a little warmer than it is here in MN. And there were palm trees and there was the ocean.

3. We got back last Wednesday night at midnight and made it home sometime around 1:30 AM and went to bed sometime after that. Then we got up the next morning at 6:30 AM and headed to work.

4. I am still working at Minneapolis Public Schools district offices and have been here almost 2 months.

5. I finish with Project 365 TOMORROW. Yes, I took a photo every day. I never totally forgot. I will fill you in with some more stats very soon.

6. This means that Thursday I’m turning 31. Turning 30 was a big deal but 31 is nothing.

7. I am trying to figure out what restaurants I’ll get to in the next few days for some free birthday meals. It’s a tough decision.

8. Friday is April. I am wondering when all the snow will finally melt?

9. Friday “Fringe” is on. It’s in my top fave shows. I’m glad it was renewed for another season the other day. I thought it would be cancelled for sure!

10. If you are sick, stay home from work. Take a sick day or work from home. Don’t go in to work anyway and make your co-workers sick for their spring vacations. K Thanks. 😉

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I got my first roll of film developed from my lomography colorsplash 35mm camera. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Can’t wait to see what else I can get! Fun fun.

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My cousin Jen was wondering what the weird coincidences have been lately that I’ve been keeping track of. They might not seem that weird to other people, but they are to me. What do you think?

1. Walkie Talkie. Over.

On Saturday when cousin Kevin was texting me he started adding “Over.” to the end of his texts. I asked him why, and he said he was using walkie talkie language. So then Sunday we’re hanging out with Kevin’s identical twin Kyle, and Kyle tells me that his step-daughter got these awesome new walkie talkies that you can text on, and they were playing with them on Saturday. Kevin was not aware of this. Coincidence or twin phenomenon?

2. Schindler’s List

On Facebook I used my status yesterday to ask what everyone’s top funny movie was. Cousin Adam responded “Schindler’s List.” Later, my friend Jennie commented “That’s so weird that Adam says Schindler’s List- just last night I asked Brian what the last funny movie we saw was and he said Schindler’s List! Disturbed!”

3. Office Aroma

Yesterday afternoon there were two people sitting in the office talking and waiting for the executive I work with. All of a sudden I smelled a familiar smell. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I thought it was some sort of lotion or something that the woman must have put on, and kept thinking about it and could not put my finger on it. A bit later I took some antibacterial hand gel out of my purse and used it. Bingo! White citrus antibac from Bath and Bodyworks. Found it in an old purse the other day and stuck it in this one. Hadn’t used it in months. This was the same smell!

4. The Temp Job Connection

Today I was handed a huge stack of forms to enter into a computer system. The fifth form I got to was regarding someone I actually was familiar with- a student I had worked with last summer at Camp Komonniwannarock. There are like 30,000 students in the district. What are the odds?

5. Small Office

I work in a big office building, and am in an office with 2 other people. I met one of Trevor’s co-workers recently and he asked me if I happened to know his college friend, and he happened to be one of those 2 people, and works 30 feet away from me in the same room. This isn’t a small town- this is Minneapolis. What are the odds?

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Ten on Tuesday, my first try.

Haven’t done this before but I like the idea.

Ten on Tuesday!

1. I’m still at the temp job, have been here a month, and am supposed to be here through April 1st. It’s a pretty good gig. I actually recognized someone here this morning as being a parent from Camp Komoniwannarock. I love when worlds collide.

2. I am on Day 343 of Project 365. That means only 21 days left.

3.That is also how long I have left until my 31st birthday, also my golden birthday.

4. This month I’ve been trying to take more colorful photos for 365 since the winter hasn’t been as colorful as the summer. I think I’m doing pretty well.

5. I always notice weird “coincidences” in my life happening around me. I decided to start writing them down so I don’t forget.

6. People don’t write e-mails anymore. Not most anyway. Texting is where it’s at. I’ve sent a bunch of e-mails to people recently and have gotten a small percentage of replies.

7. Something else that made me feel old- telling a current Northwestern student I met the other day that I graduated in 2002…and realizing that was almost ten years ago. Ha!

8.I went to Women’s Creativity Night on Saturday hosted by my friend Lauren. It made me wish I would really learn how to play the guitar, and remember how to write poetry. It was inspiring.

9. I’m going to make lasagna this week and I’m excited about it. It’s been a while.

10. Counting down the days until we leave the MN winter for Huntington Beach. Yep!

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Paco 33

I love this crazy 33-year-old!

Here he is with his red velvet birthday cake from Costco, sporting his new “3D” Star Wars t-shirt from Kyle. It was a nice low-key birthday with his best friends. My birthday is next! I’ll be 31 in a month. I’m debating between going out to eat, a movie marathon day, or a game night. I love celebrating birthdays. 🙂

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