Scrap Room to Nursery!

I’m on my summer break, and since Trev was laid off a month ago, we’ve barely been home! At the beginning of the summer I made a to-do list of things I hoped to get done before going back to work in August, and now after traveling to visit friends and family, I finally have time to get some things done!

My dreams are finally coming true and I have the daunting task of turning our office/scrapbook room into a nursery! I have to keep reminding myself that this is a very good thing- I’m halfway through my pregnancy and we are going to have a little girl! The cleaning/organizing/purging is quite overwhelming! We are planning to move some furniture out of the front of our house and move some of the office furniture in there, and then turn this room into a little girl’s room. Before we can do that I have to go through everything in this room…and it’s a lot! I’m also hoping to paint the dark wood paneling in the front room white, and paint the office-turned-nursery blue. I’ve been looking around online for inspiration, and almost everyone has pink nurserys and pink everything for baby girls! I don’t love pink or a lot of classic baby stuff, so coming up with something else isn’t the easiest. At the same time, I am excited to be creative and make some things for the walls and all that fun stuff! Wish me luck!

Here are some things I am liking for the room:

Of course I love IKEA!

This is the Gulliver Crib which is rated highly by Baby Bargains. Not sure if I would go for an IKEA mattress or not though!

This is a Hemnes dresser, and it’s actually on sale right now! Hopefully we can manage to pick one up while it’s still on sale. Since I use this room to store my clothes, the dresser will have to be my clothes shared with baby clothes and things, and the dresser would also be used as a changing table.

I think a lot of the gliders I see are pretty ugly. Not sure if I will go for one of those or just pick up one of these:

Poang chair. You can also get a footstool. I’m not sure that we’ll have room for it in the nursery, but we could put it in our living room and get rid of the other IKEA chair we have.

Also, we already have this rug, and I am thinking of moving it to the nursery. Not sure yet, just keeping it a possibility:

There are so many different ideas for bird themes and I love birds! I’ll probably make a mobile. These sheets from Pottery Barn Kids have birds on them:

Here’s the skirt that goes with them:

I also like these sheets:

And skirt:

Ok, enough of my dreaming. 🙂 Time to get back to going through my scrap stuff! I need to box some up to put in storage, but also get rid of some of it that I know I won’t ever really use. After that’s all done, I still have to go through the dresser, closet, and our desk. Can’t wait to get it all done!

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