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My love for photos and that one time I threw them away.

I got my first camera at age 7 or 8 and I haven’t stopped taking photos since.

My parents were always taking photos, and still are, and it’s what I was used to. My mom kept her photos very organized. She had a big bookshelf full of albums and scrapbooks of our kid artwork and other childhood “important” papers. There were family photo albums, and then albums for each of us kids. We looked at the albums so much that they started to fall apart, and Mom liked to point out that they were expensive albums that were supposed to last forever. Oops. For as long as I can remember, photos and memories have always been a part of my life, and I’ve always found them important. I followed after Mom’s example and even in second or third grade started my very own photo albums of my photos. I had no idea that most of the population didn’t take so many photos, and if they did, they were most likely stored in shoe boxes in drawers, under beds, or in the attic.

In high school I made the old-fashioned sort of scrapbooks, but my freshman year of college (’98-’99) Mom introduced me to a whole new kind of scrapbooking. It consisted of pretty papers and scissors and templates. Mom gave me a scrapbook and papers and other tools to start a book of my own (I think for Christmas). After that, each summer, in between years at college, I would come home and scrapbook the last school year of photos. I would set up a table in the living room and camp out there for a couple of days scrapping all of my photos before my busy summer at work started up at the hotel (and later this hotel).

The summer after I graduated from college, I went on choir tour to Norway and Sweden, then lived in an apartment I knew was just for the summer, then on to a house for a couple of months, then to an apartment I had a lease for a year for with my friend Kristy (and then Sarah/saraj).Β  2002 was a crazy busy unstable year to say the least. At the beginning of the summer my beloved camera that I had gotten in 1996 before my summer in Paraguay, had finally broken. Dad knew that I had a bunch of friends getting married that summer and how much I loved taking photos, so he surprised me with a new fuji camera. I was ecstatic! I took so many photos that summer.

I had a big room to myself at my apartment with Kristy (then Sarah) in Roseville, and then another big room at my next apartment with Masha. In all that time of moving around and taking photos with my film camera (keep in mind this is before everyone and their mother had a digital camera), I hadn’t made time to scrapbook anything, except for gift books for friends here and there, and I hadn’t even put my photos in albums. They were all organized in little bags inside a shopping bag, ready to be scrapbooked. One day I decided to look at some of the photos, and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I frantically searched my room, my closet, everywhere I could think before it set in. I had the bag of photos next to some other bags of garbage when I was cleaning, and I must have thrown them away. Yes, I threw my photos away. Not much can compare to what I felt that day. It still makes me sad now. I had thrown all the photos away from the year 2002, and the first part of 2003. Graduation, birthday, 4 weddings, all my time spent at the places I lived, photos with Renata while she was here from Brazil, photos with my long distance boyfriend. It was ALL GONE. It is very strange not to have photos to look at of those things. Because my life is so very documented in photos, it’s almost like those things didn’t happen. I know they did, but they don’t feel as real.

When Renata was here from Brazil for the month of August, I told her about how I didn’t have photos from the other time that she was here in 2002. She was kind enough to scan in photos and some of them I don’t remember ever seeing before. I look so young, and life was so different for me then. I barely remember being this person.

Moral of the story- life can still go on without photos, but I think it’s better with them. And I always put photos straight into albums, even if I know I’m eventually going to scrap them anyway. πŸ˜‰

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Around the house

This past weekendΒ  was really nice and low key. But we also got a couple of things done around the house. I had been wanting new DVD shelves for over a year, and we finally got what I had wanted! We actually had too many to fit in what we had, and I was hoping for something with doors. Now we have 2 new DVD cabinets, with room to add more…

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Also, after having the same shower curtain in our one bathroom for the past few years, I bought a new one, and new rug. I got them at Target. There was a different one that I had been hoping for, but was too late. This works just as well though. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but it is a nice fabric light gray curtain with a design on it. The old one had rips and threads, and even little puppy teeth holes from Cash chewing on it when he was little.

I also stopped by Big Lots on Saturday and found some great $1 and $2 deals on scrapbooking stuff. And for $2 each I got a couple of Martha Stewart paper flower kits! I know these go for anywhere from $10-$20 typically, so I was excited to try and make some for just $2 each! I picked up the Crepe Paper Black-Eyed Susan Kit, and the Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit.

It took me many hours to make the flowers, but I like to keep busy anyway. I made most of the black-eyed susans while we watched State of Play, which I thought was pretty good but didn’t love it, and then some DVR’d TV. The kit made 18 flowers. The most annoying part was cutting out all the pieces first out of the stacks of crepe paper provided. I think they turned out pretty great though!

They almost look real here, huh?

The tissue paper bouquet took just about as long, and made 24 flowers, and 4 different kinds of them. One of the kinds I could not figure out how to make very well, so they didn’t turn out so great, but blended in with the others and don’t look too bad. The other kinds were very easy to figure out. After making so many my fingers are tired!

I am so glad I finished making all of those, and I’m really happy with how they turned out.


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Almost done scrapping 2007…

I’ve been scrapping more lately. I think it’s the weather. And the less crazy schedule. And Trevor is taking grad school classes online again so when he’s in the office doing homework sometimes I like to sit in the office and scrap. And then Cash curls up on the floor between our two chairs. πŸ™‚

We went on a road trip in October 2007 with our friends James and Michelle to House on the Rock and the area. I made a Shutterfly photobook of the photos Michelle and I took. There were so many! But I had saved little things along the trip for a scrapbook. So I ended up making a page for my scrapbook and used some of the things I had saved….for almost two years.

Not the best photos, but Milton was the cutest little lion for Halloween 2007.

And photos from my parents’ visit in October 2007.Β  We surprised my dad with a tour of Caribou Coffee since he loves the coffee so much and our next door neighbors happen to work at the headquarters.

And a couple other stops with my parents.

It is a rainy day today. Trev’s working from home, and LeafGuard is supposed to be installing our new gutters but I don’t know if that will happen with this weather. After the workday we plan on doing some shopping at Costco and Target, and maybe Trader Joe’s. We have a gift card for Target that Trevor got from working at his work’s booth at the state fair, and lots of good coupons to use at Costco. Fun fun! I’m planning on finally buying new DVD storage that will hold all of our DVD’s AND keep them all behind doors. Can’t wait!

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Sunny Day

Last night Trev and I went to First Avenue to see Sunny Day Real Estate, on a reunion tour after several years. The Jealous Sound opened for them. It was actually a really great show! They were so tight after not playing together for years! They just released remastered versions of their first two albums, and all the songs they did last night were from those albums, except for “Guitar and Video Games” from How it Feels to Be Something On….and then they also played a new song.


*There were 2 or 3 guys to every girl. Obviously.

*I’ve never seen so many shaved heads in one place. Does this have to do with the age bracket of SDRE listeners? Haha. Or maybe all the Jeremy Enigk admirers?

*We were standing upstairs, right above the merch table. I watched many people buy a t-shirt and trade up another size or two. I guess their shirts were running small. I also noticed that almost every girl that bought a t-shirt then held the t-shirt up to herself for her date to give the approval. Haha.

*It was packed. And almost everyone was bobbing their head to the music. Except for one guy who was going NUTS dancing all over the place. And one head banger. The girls standing next to me talked to each other way too much in their higher pitched voices, and one of them kept saying how she couldn’t get over all the people downstairs “just standing still.” I’m not sure what she expected from this crowd? Because I wouldn’t expect anything different than head swaying!

*A clear crowd favorite was “Song About an Angel.” Love that song. Hoping I’ll find some videos from the show uploaded to youtube. No cameras were allowed but I saw plenty of iPhones out. Of course.


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more layouts from summer 2007

Trev is spending the day golfing with his cousins and a high school/pool team friend. What a great day to be doing that. It is beautiful outside!

We’ve had a pretty busy and fun week. Dinner with Trev’s co-workers at Rudolph’s Wednesday night and dinner at Triple Rock and Blingo! with Brian and Jennie last night. I am feeling like I need to be out and about today but I’ve actually got nothing going on!

Here are some scrap layouts I did this week. Once again, you can always see all my layouts here.

I made the above layout with my Cricut.

This next one I scraplifted from the packaging that I got some of the items in (Making Memories Vintage Findings), but I am posting it anyway because I love how it turned out!

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Fairwell worst driveway ever!

Our worst driveway ever is finally gone!

When Trevor bought this house seven years ago, it had this horrible driveway. He has always regretted not using his equity to put in a new driveway right away. Over the past several years the driveway has only gotten worse. To enter my garage, I have to actually try really hard to get my car into the driveway at just the right angle. It’s easier from one way than the other. If you try from the other way, you have to go at just the right angle and speed and 95% of the time bottom out. In the winter, I have gotten my car stuck in the snow on this driveway. Shoveling snow on the driveway was not fun. And when more than just one person was in one of our cars, and especially when the car was full of people, it was not a pretty thing. The car scraped on the driveway and made a scary sound. I felt like I was slowly killing my car.

Here is what the driveway looked like on Sunday.

And now at long last, we finally had our driveway torn up and regraded properly, and now we have a lovely new driveway! I can’t tell you how exciting this is for us! New garage roof, new garage floor, and now new driveway.

Here it is before they made the saw cuts:

And here it is today, the finished beautiful new driveway!

I’m sure all the people in my life that have ever been in my car with me while driving in or out of my garage are shouting “Alleluia!” I know I am.

Now I won’t have to worry that I might trip myself on a rock or hole in the garage floor either!

Garage floor before:

And the garage floor after:


And I can’t wait to park my car in the garage on Tuesday (we have to wait that long, apparently).


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Home, outside and inside.

Lots of stuff happening in the Tungseth household today! We’ve had a work crew here the past couple of days doing concrete work. We are finally getting our driveway, the worst driveway in Minneapolis I’m sure, replaced. Yes, I am excited about a driveway. I told Trevor that it doesn’t even make me feel old to be excited about a driveway because ANYONE would be excited when they’ve had THIS for a driveway for the past several years:

Besides the driveway we also are getting a new garage floor, new steps, and they are filling in a basement window that water gets in through. Cash has been barking at the workers off and on, but not too much. Hearing the men talking outside or shutting the access door to the garage still startles me at times and then I have to remind myself that it’s them and not intruders. Haha! They are finishing up their work tomorrow and then I will post the final after shots. πŸ™‚

Today I am making tomato sauce from scratch, using tomatoes, carrots, and garlic from our crop share that we receive weekly. I had to buy the other ingredients from the store. The house smells great! The sauce actually has to simmer for FOUR hours on the stove. I have to say, I do not like tomatoes, so peeling them, squeezing them, and chopping them up was sort of disgusting. Haha. But I love tomato sauce. The plan is to make eggplant parmesan using this sauce and the eggplant from our crop share. I’m excited!

I thought I would also share a few more photos of my garden today. I don’t think I’ll take many more photos as I don’t know how much longer these plants will be around. The petunias in the front planters are already totally dead, but that’s partially because I stopped watering as frequently, hoping that the rain we got was enough. I don’t think the planters get as much of the rain as the other plants do though. Oops.

(I think the new fern growth is crazy looking!)

And here are a couple photos from Labor Day weekend, when Trev and I hung out at Minnehaha Falls and went to see “Food Inc.” at the Riverview. I suggest everyone see that film!

Finally, check out this new Death Cab for Cutie song that Stereogum posted. It’s the song they wrote for the “New Moon” soundtrack. I dig it.

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A couple new pages

I was able to scrap again a couple of nights ago. These are photos from September of 2007, so exactly two years ago! I thought this summer was super busy, but I think I am kidding myself to think that it’s just this summer. I guess I forgot how busy the past couple summers were! It seems like most of the photos we take during the year happen to be from the summer. πŸ™‚

Here’s a photo from when I was babysitting Milton. He is so little! He loved to look out of the window in his room and it was so adorable.

This one is from when my college friend Andy was in town (he’s in the Navy). So much fun!

Lefse at the state fair! I used my new Amy Butler paper on this one.

Those are just my favorites from the other night. You can always see more here!

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A lot of people I know have mentioned that they love Indian food, so you think I would have eaten it more with them!Β  I hadn’t eaten any Indian food at all until a couple of years ago. I am starting to really like it!

My first experience with Indian food was at a vegetarian Indian food restaurant on Central. I think it was Nalapak. Timi and I went there and got some sort of platter to share so we could try different items. A lot of the food was vegan, so I was surprised that I liked it. I didn’t love everything, but it was pretty good.

Then Trev and I went with our neighbors Nate and Martha to Taste of India in St. Louis Park. We shared a few different items on the menu and I really enjoyed it.

Renata and I’s last outing together just a couple of weeks ago was lunch at Namaste Cafe on Hennepin, and I loved it!

I got a “lunch box special” which is a special of the day type thing, and it was awesome! Renata got creamy masala with tofu. We also ordered fresh squeezed lemonade, and since they made it to order we were able to request it be made with Splenda. Tasty.


My lunch box special included Creamy masala chicken with cabbage, peas, & potatoes, and then also chole, raita, and then for dessert carrot coconut creme brule. I wasn’t a fan of the dessert but everything else was awesome.

When Trevor and I were shopping at Trader Joe’s on Sunday I picked up a frozen meal of Paneer Tikka Masala and I just ate it for lunch today…loved it! So that is what inspired this entry. I think I need to pick up some more of those. πŸ™‚ Any types of Indian food you would suggest for me to try out?

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Listening to iTunes on shuffle and scrapping the night away

I haven’t gotten much scrapbooking done this summer, and I am really hoping to get my photos from 2007 scrapped soon so I can move on to 2008 and then maybe get caught up…..I know I know. Getting caught up makes it sound like more of a chore than a hobby. I probably should just start with more recent photos and go backwards, but I haven’t decided to do that yet. I am hoping that trying to get caught up will motivate me.

Wednesday I went to Archiver’s because I needed a larger acrylic block to be able to use the clearanced clear stamps I got a while ago that had large sized stamps included that were bigger than the blocks I already own. I also had taken note of the sale that I was hoping would still be going on- buy $30 in American Crafts products and get a free $20 12×12 binder. Since these are the binders/albums I use for all my scrapbooks of life after college, I thought it was a good deal. Well, and I also am addicted to Thickers, so yeah…Anyway, the sale was still going on, so I bought some Thickers, Flair, and new clear stamps and got the free binder. I also found a gigantic acrylic block to buy. πŸ™‚

After all of that my creative juices still weren’t flowing! So I decided to do some scraplifts to help me get going. Here are some of those.

This one is a lift of a Gigi Kennedy layout:

These are lifts of some Nora Griffin pages:

And then these are some of the other layouts I did yesterday and today:

I was really pleased with the above layout. I used a lot of my scraps on it.

I’m hoping I can get a bunch more done this weekend! It’s our first weekend of no plans since May! It feels really strange to be home on a Friday night, and to not have any guests, and have nothing to get up early for tomorrow. Being busy was really great and fun, but this is nice too. πŸ™‚


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