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I’ve been making a lot of cards lately, but I always forget to take pictures! So here are a few that I actually remembered to take photos of. I like to be able to see what I made to use for future ideas. Oh, and i used my Cricut for pieces on all of these cards. 🙂

Here are a couple for new babies:

And a birthday (inspired by Jen Jockish):

And a wedding:

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Lemon garlic chicken

I’m making chicken quesadillas for lunch today. This time I thought I would marinate the chicken. This is the recipe I used (I don’t remember where I found it):

Juice of 1 lemon, approximately 3 tbsps

3 tbsps olive oil (I used lemon infused olive oil)

1 tspn minced garlic

1 tspn salt

1/4 tspn pepper

1/2 tspn dried oregano

1 pound chicken breasts

I let it marinate overnight and it is absolutely delcious!!!

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Gardening transplants

With how busy and hot the past month has been, some of my flowers haven’t been doing as well as they had been. But others are doing great! I’m excited that some of the flowers I transplanted this year are actually making it!

Last year my mother-in-law Sharon gave me some irises, hostas, myrtle, and another flowering plant from her garden. This year the hostas came back, still pretty small, the irises came back but the squirrels dug them up, and the others didn’t come back at all. This year Sharon gave me some more to transplant. A couple plants I have no idea what they are. One isn’t doing well, but I’m hoping with some more water it will be okay and will come back nice next year. The others are doing very well!

Creeping Myrtle

Other ground cover

Unidentified plant that looks like it will flower soon- they are red flowers.


I’m also excited that my black eyed susans started to bloom

And my echinacea in my rain garden also started to bloom!

I am constantly looking for more plants for our yard that needs lots of help! Once we get all the new fence posts actually screwed on I will want to plant along the fence also. We are talking about doing another rain garden next to the fence on the side of our house because it’s where our neighbor’s rain spout is directed! That’s most likely the cause of the water that gets into our basement just a few feet away. A rain garden would help out a lot with that and do really well in that spot.

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Winery Wedding

We had a great time at Bill & Judy’s cabin last weekend. Our friends Raef & Danelle got married Saturday afternoon in Alexandria, MN at Carlos Creek Winery. It just happened to be 20 minutes from Trev’s aunt and uncle’s cabin on Lake Miltona. Raef is on the same pool team as Trevor, and so some of the pool team people decided to go to the wedding together. Timi, Lisa, Kyle, Erin, Trevor, and I met up at the cabin Friday afternoon. We grilled brats, burgers, veggies, and corn on the cob for dinner. It was delicious! And of course I also made my famous 7-layer taco dip. We had a great time playing cards and sitting around the bonfire looking at the stars. Saturday ended up being a lot colder and windier than we would have liked, so instead of basking in the sun and getting on the jetskis, we played horseshoes and cards. Then Saturday afternoon we headed to the winery for the wedding. It took place outside in the vineyards. Very pretty! After an enjoyable reception we headed back to the cabin, played a game of cards and headed to bed. It was great to get up the next morning pretty early, eat some waffles, pack and clean up and hit the road. Kyle & Erin brought their black lab Chief Clancy Wiggum with them, and we brought our cockapoo Cash. I don’t think Cash slept the entire weekend! When we got back home he crashed, and slept most of the day yesterday. Poor little guy!

Anyway, here are my fave photos from the wedding. I’ve got to get back to some cleaning and then working on some projects for my brother’s soon to be wife’s shower I’m going to on Saturday. I’ll have to take pictures and show you what I made next week. 🙂

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We like to make stuff

When my cousin Jen and I get together, about once a year, we always try to make stuff. We both love making crafts of all kinds. We’ve made matching sweatshirts with iron-on transfers, paint projects, clay candle holders, etc.  This time we made three projects, staying up late into the night to do so!

The first thing we made- drinking glasses. Well, we didn’t make the drinking glasses, but we painted them! I had a set of glasses from Pier 1 that I really liked that had a design hand painted on the bottom of them. People always asked if I had painted them, but they came that way! Over the past few years most of them broke, and I didn’t even have 4 matching glasses. I told Jen about it and she said it would be easy to paint our own. With less than 20 minutes before closing, we ran in and out of Michaels and Dollar Tree to get what we needed. We bought glasses at Dollar Tree, and glass paint at Michaels. We took all the stickers and gunk off the bottom of the glasses, and then hand painted the bottom with the glass paint. They turned out pretty nice!

This is what my glasses looked like.

This is what Jen’s glasses looked like:

Our next project was purses. We decided to do iron-on transfers again and couldn’t find a good shirt for it, so we tried purses instead. We bought these purses for $10 each. We found an image online that we both liked of a bird in some brances. We printed it on dark transfers and then ironed them on the purses, which turned out really well. 🙂

Lastly, we got this project from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine I had. They had made an origami lotus flower and framed it. We made the flowers, but I have yet to actually do something with mine. I am hoping to display mine on the wall once I figure out how I want to do that.

Jen’s lotus flower:

My lotus flower:

Find the instructions to make this here.


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Lovely company

A couple of weeks ago we had a fabulous time when my first cousin once removed, Jen, and her husband Matt/Fred flew from Phoenix, AZ to our home in Minneapolis for the weekend. We hadn’t seen each other since meeting up in Las Vegas in February 2008. While they were here we went to Canterbury, Ingebretsen’s, Eloise Butler Widlflower Gardens, The Quaking Bog, Lyndale Park Peace & Rose Gardens, and a day trip to Duluth & Superior.  We ate at Psycho Suzi’s, Triple Rock, Grandma’s, Granite City, and Perkins, as well as a couple meals at our house. AND Jen and I made three craft projects! I’ll fill you in on those next entry.

Here are some of my favorite pix from their weekend here.

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Fourth of the July. A blast.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the 4th of July in Fergus Falls and Lake Miltona. We had a great time with Trevor’s family and extended family, as always!

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coldplay strawberry swing

How imaginative! Love it!

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Bridal Shower for Brittany, Sheboygan edition.

Last weekend I went to my hometown of Sheboygan, WI to help my mom throw a bridal shower for my little brother Eric’s fiance Brittany. They are getting married next month and this past Saturday was the only day that worked out. The shower went really well! I think everyone had a lot of fun and Brittany got a lot of wonderful gifts. 🙂

I made my 3rd attempt at a fruit bouquet, but this time I made two! And I added some additional fruit- kiwi and orange. I think they turned out pretty well.

I made little favor bags and one of the favors was a magnet that I made with Eric and Brittany’s photo on it. I forgot to get a photo of that, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I had been wanting to make the kind with the flat clear glass marbles, but I couldn’t find a single place selling the large size that I used to buy! So instead i bought some inch 1/2 wood nickels and painted those. It worked out, but I wish I could have made the other kind. Oh well.

Mom made paper flower bouquets, using her Cricut to make the flowers. They turned out pretty cute. She also glued rose petals to the bottom of votives and they turned out really pretty too! We used scrapbook papers for placematts. 🙂

Mom had Eric & Brittany M&Ms made. Cute!

Here’s Mom at the table with all the food. She made two cakes: strawberry cake, and Hawaiin wedding cake.

Here’s our large group of ladies.

Here’s the lovely couple!

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Another pretty video

The Red Balloon, set to Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks”. Beautiful!

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