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Let Everything that Hath Breath Praise the Lord

I just got home from choir practice so I’m in a good mood. Have I mentioned how much I love singing in the church gospel choir? I just have to mention it again.

We had a good weekend here this weekend. I got to spend time with my best friend Betsy and chat with my fave cousin Jen. I finally finished the scrapbook of my brother Eric’s wedding to his beautiful bride Brittany also! Yesterday was spent at church, a bit at home, and then the church annual meeting. Does your church have a DJ and red velvet cake at their annual meeting? ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is Thanksgiving week so I’ve got my big to-do-list of what has to happen before we leave our house Wednesday evening for Fergus Falls. There is cleaning, laundry, packing, shopping, and some chex mix to be made! We’ll be spending Thanksgiving Day with 40+ Tungseths at the lake cabin. We’ll be making lefse and Christmas cookies on Friday, and going Christmas Tree cutting on Saturday! Lots of photo ops. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No tree for us on Saturday though. We will stick with our artificial tree for another year. We have old wood floors and a male dog, so I don’t think we need to see what kind of disaster a real tree would be, although I would love to have our house filled with the smell of pine!

Today I spent some time organizing photos and putting them in albums. Between all the different online photo sales in the past couple months I was able to only pay the price of shipping for the photos from the past year and a half! I only have one scrap page done of 2008, but at least it’s started! I’ll get back to scrapping that, but also still need to figure out my plan for Christmas cards…

Here are some of my fave pages from the scrapbook I made of Eric & Brittany’s Wedding. You can see the whole album here.

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The photographer

I find it absolutely hilarious that Trevor’s cousins couldn’t remember where Thanksgiving was last year because I wasn’t there, and I am pretty much the only one who takes photos!

From Facebook (Edited to shorten this extremely long thread):

Todd Tungseth I can’t remember where Thanksgiving was held last year I say at the lake and Jess says at my parents does anyone remember?

Kelly Fjestad

Kelly Fjestad

I’m thinking at your parents, but I’m not completely sure.
23 minutes ago
Todd Tungseth

Todd Tungseth

I was trying to find pictures but I think Karin was at her parents house so she didn’t take any
21 minutes ago
Tammy Miles-Tungseth

Tammy Miles-Tungseth

your parents….your mom’s family came,I made stuffing
20 minutes ago
Kelly Fjestad

Kelly Fjestad

I hate when Karin isn’t there. I don’t think I was there either, but I do remember that my parents came to our place to eat and then ditched early so they could go to your parents. I didn’t want to try it 7 months pregnant with 4 small kids. So I’m thinking Jess is right….are you really that suprised?!?!?
19 minutes ago
Todd Tungseth

Todd Tungseth

no not really
18 minutes ago
Kelly Fjestad

Kelly Fjestad

Someone should make sure Karin is going to be there so we can remember this year.
11 minutes ago
Karin Pedersen Tungseth

Karin Pedersen Tungseth

I love that no one remembers where it was last year because I was not there to document it! Ha! Well, no need to fear for this year. This year Thanksgiving will be forever remembered in photos. See ya there!
2 minutes ago ยท Delete
Kelly Fjestad

Kelly Fjestad

about a minute ago
Todd Tungseth

Todd Tungseth

Karin your pictures were the first place I looked

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Let Go Let God

St. Peter’s AME choir sang this song at their choir celebration yesterday. I was there with the Sanctuary Choir and it was an awesome experience and so wonderful to hear the other choirs sing.

DeWayne Woods – Let Go Let God

I couldn’t seem to fall asleep

There was so much on my mind

Searching for that peace

But that peace I could not find

So then i kneeled down to pray

Pray help me please

Then he said you don’t have to cry

Cause I’ll supply all your needs.

As soon as I stopped worrying

Worrying how the story ends

I let go and I let God

Let God have His way

That’s when things start happening

When I stopped looking at back then

I let go and I let God

Let God have His way.

There’s so much going on

Sometimes I can’t find my way

And often times I struggle

Struggle from day to day

I had to realize that it’s not my battle

It’s not my battle to fight

I had to know that if I put it in your hands

Everything would be all right.

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A trip to IKEA

I went to one of my favorite stores today, IKEA. Friday isn’t the best day to go, so I had to wait a while in line at the checkouts. I got the usual standard IKEA trip purchases (napkins and candles) and then also picked up what I went there for- new drinking glasses. I also grabbed the Tripp tins that I had been wanting. We’ve been using the drinking glasses that I painted last summer but the glass paint has been chipping off. I knew when Becca was over and noticed chipped paint floating in her ice water a couple weeks ago that it was time to give in and buy new glasses!

I got these Vanlig glasses:

vanlig glasses

I bought a set of 6 each of 16 oz and 11 oz glasses.

Here’s what the tins look like. I’m trying to decide how I want to use them…I just loved how they look and they were $2.99 for all three. Anyone else have them? What are you using them for?

Tripp tins


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i’m a winner.

I read a lot of blogs. I probably read more than the average person, I would think. I maintain this addiction by using Google Reader to do so. If you don’t use something like it already, what are you waiting for?!

A lot of the blogs I read are scrapbooking blogs, including blogs of manufacturer’s and magazines. A lot of these blogs have giveaways on them. I leave comments all the time to win stuff. There’s probably a post every other day about a giveaway. Well, the other day I commented on a Paper Crafts blog post. It’s a magazine that I actually am a subscriber to via my mom. Today I saw that I was picked out of the over 300 comments….I am totally shocked that I finally won something! It’s the K&Company Evergreen collection. So fun!

k and co evergreen prize

I am just waiting for Trev to get home and the house smells good because I’ve had a pot roast in the crockpot all day! Happy almost weekend everyone!


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A great deal on the movie UP!

I bought the movie UP yesterday and ultimately, it will only cost me $1. It’s the 4 pack that includes the blu-ray, DVD, and digital copy!

I did this deal, only I purchased the movie at Target (it was $19.99) and am doing the rebates for the Bird’s Eye Viola and Ronzoni pasta (I have them all set to put in the mail). If you aren’t much of a rebate person, you can still print off this $10 off coupon and get a brand new movie for $10. Trevor and I saw the movie in the theater in 3D and loved it!

The deal also suggests price matching and getting Monsters, Inc. as well. There is a printable $8 off coupon for that as well. I didn’t try that but sort of wished I would have.

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Here we come weekend

I am happy to say that ever since I reorganized my closet it has stayed totally organized. It feels so nice to have a place for everything! I still have more organizing projects in mind but need a bit more motivation. It’s been raining here more than not for more than the past month, which makes it harder for me to get motivated.

I got some more scrap pages done the past few days. I am really liking what I’ve been creating lately. Usually I scrap a bunch of pages and only feel happy about a couple of them, but lately I’ve actually been looking at the pages without hating them…

Tomorrow/Friday we are heading to Trevor’s hometown to be there for the weekend. He’s going deer hunting with his dad. I’ll be hanging out with my friend Michelle on Saturday. We’re planning on heading to Fargo for some scrap shopping and to meet up with Grandma, Sharon, and some of Grandma’s friends for her 2 month early birthday lunch (she shares it with another friend, plus now there isn’t snow & the Holidays stopping them from driving). Michelle and I plan on scrapping the night away! I just packed up my scrap supplies and have some more photos I want to print off before we get on the road tomorrow. I tried to plan what photos I would be using ahead of time so I could print off some different sizes of photos. I am really trying to be selective about what photos I am scrapping for my brother’s wedding album, but there are just so many great photos! Of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was nice to hang with Trev tonight and watch some good TV. Thursdays we DVR so many shows it is pretty ridiculous. The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Community, Flash Forward, Project Runway, Fringe, Survivor, CSI, The Mentalist, and The Vampire Diaries…Why did they have to put all the good shows on the same night???!!! We watch most of these together, and the last 3 I watch. I know it seems crazy that we watch so much, but there isn’t much else that we actually do watch! Thursday is the it day. That’s why DVR totally rules…if we didn’t have it I wouldn’t watch 1/3 of this…

Here are a few of my fave layouts so far. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law Brittany. ๐Ÿ™‚

From the bridal showers:

From the rehearsal:


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Back to scrapping

I’ve started working on a scrapbook of my youngest brother Eric’s wedding. He got married at the end of August and I’ve been collecting photos since then. I got the last ones I needed- the professional prints, so now I can get started!

This past summer I did a scrapbook survey that was sent to my e-mail by Colorbok, and as a reward they sent me a package with a couple of scrapbook kits. One of them just happened to be a wedding album, papers, stickers, etc.! How perfect is that? I used a little bit of it to scrap the engagement photos, and then will use more for the actual wedding photos. I’ve been working on scrapping the two showers that were thrown for Brittany: one Mom and I did, and one her aunts and bridesmaids did. I just went through my stash and grabbed any papers that I thought would work. It’s been fun!

But anyway, here are the two pages I made with a few engagement photos and the wedding invitation.

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