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Thoughts from a desk on a Monday.

Mondays are always tough. No matter what’s up in my life Monday is my least favorite morning, especially when I have to wake up at 6:30AM. Weekends fly by too quickly.

It’s pretty strange working in a temp position where I’m filling in for someone else. There are many reasons- her shoes under the desk for one, but mostly it is strange to be in a situation where people are always walking into the office expecting/hoping to see someone else. It’s the constant look of disappointment on people’s faces. It’s not because they see me, but because they don’t see her, but it can sort of take it’s toll after 3 weeks….and counting. It sounds like she’s been here for years, so of course it must be odd to not have her around.

I am thankful to be working, and to be working in such a great office of people working hard to do really great things in the community. I am reminded how nice it is to be in a “permanent” position though, where people know you and expect to see you when they walk over to your desk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This weekend was: Trevor’s birthday party, movies at Raef & Danelle’s, getting stuff done around the house, and friends over for The Oscars. The Oscars were pretty predictable and boring. There were a few highlights but nothing was all that awesome. Trev and I saw all ten of the nominees for Best Picture, and were happy with The King’s Speech winning. Since we got married we’ve seen most of the best picture nominees each year, but we have seen all of them the past three years in a row, and the past two have had 10 nominees! I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep this up, but I have really enjoyed seeing all of these movies.

Today is the last day of February, a month full ofย  birthdays, our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, The Oscars. March looks pretty boring in comparison!

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Food shopping: Trader Joe’s & Costco

I am a coupon girl. I love coupon deals! However, I stopped the crazy cheap coupon deals when we decided to try not to eat as much processed food. I mostly get my best coupon deals now on non-food items. There are still plenty of deals I can get on food with coupons,ย  i.e. rice, canned items, salsa, soups, but not nearly as much as I used to. When there aren’t many coupon deals for stuff, I like to head over to Trader Joe’s. We love the rice, orange chicken, and Indian food from the frozen food section! I also like some of their snacky stuff, like the peanut butter pretzels. I buy dog treats for Cash from here too, but he was not a fan of their canned dog food. What do you like to buy there?

The other place we shop regularly is Costco. If I tell Trevor I’m going to do a shopping trip there he usually wants me to wait and go when he can go with me. It’s pretty much his favorite store. We’ve gotten some really good deals on things like prescription sunglasses, our office chair, flowers, books, and I hear it’s a good place to get new tires. They are a great place to develop photos as well! Foodwise I like to buy their organic beef and chicken. We love their organic tortilla chips, dried fruit, chicken corn chowder, empanadas, cheese, and salad. They have the best deal on grapefruit, bananas, and pineapples! We always buy our paper towels and toilet paper here as well. What do you like to buy at Costco?

For some reason I find it much more “fun” and enoyable to do my shopping at Trader Joe’s and Costco than any other places I shop at for food. Kind of funny, huh?

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Never Say Never

Happy 33rd Birthday to my sweet husband, Trevor, aka Paco! I think he’s pretty wonderful!

Last night we joined Brian, Jennie, Laura, Matt, and Lauren for the experience of a lifetime: We went to see “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D.” No, none of us were Bieber fans. Jennie organized the event because she thought it would be a fun time, and it was! There were two other groups of people in the theater, and we were all there for the same reason. During the movie we cheered and clapped and hooted and hollered together. It was a blast!

It’s fascinating how Justin Bieber found his fame mostly based on youtube and Twitter. The times are a-changing.

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New sounds in my ears and I love it.

Still at the temp job. It snowed a lot last weekend. I’m drinking coffee in the mornings and running errands in the evenings. We have more fun things going on the rest of the week, thankfully, and tomorrow is Trevor’s birthday! But what I really want to talk about right now is music!

Lykke Li is a Swedish artist that I’ve been listening to for just a couple of years. I really liked her first album, Youth Novels. My fave songs were “I’m Good, I’m Gone,” “Little Bit,” and “Tonight.” Her new album “Wounded Rhymes” comes out in March, and you can stream it here. I love every song!

Eisley is a family band (3 sisters, their brother, and their cousin) from Texas that I have been listening to for several years as well. Trevor and I saw them here in Minneapolis a few years ago at The Ascot Room at The Quest. Delightful! On March 1 they have a new album coming out (since their last one four years ago) called The Valley, and you can stream the entire album here. I haven’t listened to this one yet, but hope to soon!

Radiohead announced a little over a week ago that they were releasing a new album for pre-order and download on Saturday, February 19th. Then on Friday, February 18th, they decided to release it early! Their last album came out an entire three years ago. I know not everyone is a fan of Radiohead, but I have been listening for years and fell in love with their music in 2000. It has changed a lot from album to album but it always seems just right at the time. You can get the new album at

Happy listening!

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Happy Birthday to My Dad

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday! He doesn’t want anyone to make a big deal about it or throw any parties or anything, but I decided I needed to let you all know how much I love my dad!

Dad is great at so many things and has always encouraged me to try different things out and improve at them hoping that one day I can be great! He is not only a pastor, but also a gardener, a chef, a poet, a blogger, and more! He is constantly reading and learning and is full of knowledge. Family is really important to him, and not just his immediate family, but he is always reaching out to others and his, as well as my mother’s, love for family has rubbed off on me as well. A lot of effort has to be made because growing up we never lived very close to other relatives.

Throughout my life Dad has encouraged me to try new things. He helped me to learn how to ride my bike, drive a car (and stick shift), play volleyball, get an e-mail address, make my own web site…He’s also given me my love for travel and wanting to go new places. We went on road trips every summer, and it was his idea to gave me the gift of a trip to Paraguay for the summer to be with my cousins there and learn and grow as a teenager. He’s shown me how he makes his masterpieces in the kitchen and given me cookbooks and tips. He’s shared poetry with me, talked theology, got me into buying CDs and plays music for me he knows I will appreciate. He’s showed me that it’s important to remember names and faces, to write, to take good pictures, and to laugh. He’s taught me it’s important to study the Word and to Keep Looking Up.

Thanks Dad for being who you are, an awesome dad. Happy Birthday and have fun starting up Project 365!

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Happy Wednesday!

It’s Day 7 at the 4-Day temp job! I will be here at least a few more days. Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to be able to get some scrapbooking done and take some photos of layouts to share. I have been really itching to get the last few pages of 2009 photos done! After that I will probably work on my Christmas card book as I haven’t done anything with the cards we got this past Christmas yet. They are still hanging in our living room!

Cash has been really starving for attention since I started this temp job, which is on top of the cabin fever he already had from this cold winter. I feel bad for the little guy. The other night he ran into the living room with a one dollar bill in his mouth and ripped it in half! Guess I need to take him for some walks next weekend and muddy up his newly groomed self. Here he is enjoying one of his many toys and showing off his new ‘do:

I’m learning more about him as I’ve been reading a book I borrowed from our friends Brian and Jennie, “How to Speak Dog.” I’m hoping this will improve my communication skills with Mr. Cash Howard. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday!

Trevor and I don’t usually do very much for Valentine’s. A couple of years ago we did a Valentine’s double date with Kyle and Erin, and this year Kyle asked us to join them again. We decided Sunday would be good, so we celebrated a day early.

We had a fun day of coffee, omnitheater, wandering around the science museum, walking around downtown, and eating dinner. We don’t go to St. Paul very often, but it was a nice time. I know that sounds funny because we only live in Minneapolis, but we are very Minneapolis people. Haha!

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Celebrating Cousins

February started out with lots of celebrating! I already shared with you about our anniversary, but we also celebrated some birthdays.

On Feb 3rd, Kyle & Kevin’s 32nd birthday, we joined their immediate families for birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, Kyle’s choice.

Kevin is on the left and Kyle on the right.

Here we are with Kevin the following night at Sammy Perrella’s, his choice.

Some background: The twins and Trevor are cousins. They (the twins and Trev) got along pretty well growing up, but always lived hours apart.ย  When Trevor was in college (here in the cities), he was working in an office building and discovered that his cousin Kyle happened to also be working in the same building! Because of this they started to talk and then hang out a lot more and developed a close friendship. They quickly became best friends, and started a pool team together to play in weekly pool leagues. Now Kyle took time off and Kevin is currently on the pool team.

Kyle is more outgoing and Kevin is more of an introvert. Kyle works from home doing office work and Kevin works outside at an auto auction. They are both really kind and extremely intelligent. They constantly make hilarious jokes and are awesome at trivia games. Much of the extended family has trouble telling them apart, but I have only hesitated a couple of times. My favorite story that I like to tell involves Kevin standing in for Kyle as best man at our wedding when Kyle felt faint and sat down. Kevin was an usher so was in the same attire and many people didn’t know the switch happened. Trevor always says he wished he would have planned it himself, because he loved having them both essentially as best man. Basically, we really appreciate having these guys in our lives!

Here they are at our Super Bowl party the Sunday after their birthday with the cake I made them. Kyle chose jello drop cake, and Kevin chose the flavors of jello (raspberry and orange).

The Saturday after the twins’ birthday was cousin Melanie’s birthday! Her birthday is the same as our wedding anniversary. When we said we weren’t sure if we’d make it to her 21st birthday party she said she thought we could spend some time at her 21st birthday party since she spent her 15th birthday at our wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

We met up with a large group of people at Solera downtown. This is Britta (Mel’s sis) on the left and Melanie on the right. We had fun hanging out at the end of the table with cousin Adam and cousin Luke & his wife Annie.

A year ago none of these cousins (besides Kyle, Kevin, and their siblings) were living in the Twin Cities, so we are so happy to have so many around now! Britta and Melanie both moved here last summer from Fargo, and Luke and Annie moved here last fall after living in North Carolina for several years!

Only a couple more weeks and we’ll be celebrating Trevor’s birthday. Yay!

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Change it up

I have some other photos and stories to share, so I’m sorry I’ve been quiet! This week was changed up when I received a call late Monday afternoon to start a temp job Tuesday morning and continue through the week. I am so thankful for opportunities like this that seem to only come every once in a while through people I know. It’s all who you know, right? In this case it’s my church choir director who works in HR for the school district. I’ve been filling in for an executive assistant who was in a car accident on Monday. I’m especially thankful for the timing of this job since we discovered that we aren’t getting a tax refund this year, but instead OWE a few hundred dollars. So praise the Lord for this opportunity working out for me, even if I have to leave me home in this ridiculously cold weather (feels like -25 today)!

I’ve sort of gotten used to things changing up on me all the time lately! I had forgotten what it was like to work an 8-hour day and still get everything else done, and keep up with a social life. Maybe tonight I’ll finally get some TV shows watched off the DVR and get the laundry folded and put away…but grocery shopping needs to be done as well…

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Six years

Saturday was Trev and I’s 6th wedding anniversary!

Here we are on our wedding day, 02-05-2005:

Here we are on Saturday night celebrating:

We went to Travail for dinner, which is in downtown Robbinsdale. Everything was amazing. It was the perfect spot for us to celebrate!

I am so lucky to have a husband who truly is my best friend. We talk about everything and are open about everything. We love and support each other despite our downfalls. We are not perfect and we are always learning how to do a better job at loving one another. Trevor is so understanding and encouraging. He also makes me laugh all the time. I really am blessed.

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