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Here we come weekend

I am happy to say that ever since I reorganized my closet it has stayed totally organized. It feels so nice to have a place for everything! I still have more organizing projects in mind but need a bit more motivation. It’s been raining here more than not for more than the past month, which makes it harder for me to get motivated.

I got some more scrap pages done the past few days. I am really liking what I’ve been creating lately. Usually I scrap a bunch of pages and only feel happy about a couple of them, but lately I’ve actually been looking at the pages without hating them…

Tomorrow/Friday we are heading to Trevor’s hometown to be there for the weekend. He’s going deer hunting with his dad. I’ll be hanging out with my friend Michelle on Saturday. We’re planning on heading to Fargo for some scrap shopping and to meet up with Grandma, Sharon, and some of Grandma’s friends for her 2 month early birthday lunch (she shares it with another friend, plus now there isn’t snow & the Holidays stopping them from driving). Michelle and I plan on scrapping the night away! I just packed up my scrap supplies and have some more photos I want to print off before we get on the road tomorrow. I tried to plan what photos I would be using ahead of time so I could print off some different sizes of photos. I am really trying to be selective about what photos I am scrapping for my brother’s wedding album, but there are just so many great photos! Of course. 🙂

It was nice to hang with Trev tonight and watch some good TV. Thursdays we DVR so many shows it is pretty ridiculous. The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Community, Flash Forward, Project Runway, Fringe, Survivor, CSI, The Mentalist, and The Vampire Diaries…Why did they have to put all the good shows on the same night???!!! We watch most of these together, and the last 3 I watch. I know it seems crazy that we watch so much, but there isn’t much else that we actually do watch! Thursday is the it day. That’s why DVR totally rules…if we didn’t have it I wouldn’t watch 1/3 of this…

Here are a few of my fave layouts so far. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law Brittany. 🙂

From the bridal showers:

From the rehearsal:



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Back to scrapping

I’ve started working on a scrapbook of my youngest brother Eric’s wedding. He got married at the end of August and I’ve been collecting photos since then. I got the last ones I needed- the professional prints, so now I can get started!

This past summer I did a scrapbook survey that was sent to my e-mail by Colorbok, and as a reward they sent me a package with a couple of scrapbook kits. One of them just happened to be a wedding album, papers, stickers, etc.! How perfect is that? I used a little bit of it to scrap the engagement photos, and then will use more for the actual wedding photos. I’ve been working on scrapping the two showers that were thrown for Brittany: one Mom and I did, and one her aunts and bridesmaids did. I just went through my stash and grabbed any papers that I thought would work. It’s been fun!

But anyway, here are the two pages I made with a few engagement photos and the wedding invitation.

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Thoughts on my brother’s wedding weekend

On Thursday we headed to Chippewa Falls, WI. I practiced the songs I would be singing with the pianist and then at 5:00 was the wedding rehearsal, with the rehearsal dinner following. Friday Trev and I ate lunch with a bunch of my Pedersen relatives (who were there from Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, & Wisconsin) and then the wedding was at 4:00. Photos followed, and then a great dinner and fun dance! What an awesome couple of days!

A few thoughts on those days:

*My dad was the wedding officiant. I love that he is a preacher AND a poet. The two go so well together. What a beautiful wedding message!

*I have really fun brothers who love to laugh, smile, and dance. They both look great in a suit/tux. 🙂

*My brother Eric can dance like Michael Jackson? And swing dance? Had no idea.

*My relatives are hilarious. I have really great family.

*It was an honor to sing at my brother’s wedding! I am happy that I made it through both songs without tears.

*I am so thankful that my aunts and uncles came to the wedding, and that all my dad’s siblings are still around and laughing.

*The most fun times I’ve had dancing at weddings are with my cousins (like at Jen’s wedding and this one too)!

*I will never forget Trevor running on to the empty dance floor and dancing like a mad man to Brittney Spears’ “Oops I Did it Again” all by himself…and then Eric and Amy later joining him and dancing their hearts out. I have such a wonderful, fun, and loving husband!

*I can’t belive my baby brother is married! I am so happy for him and his bride. They are such a perfect match/team, and they look so good together too! I was happy for them and their beautiful wedding and wonderful friends. The matron of honor and best man gave such beautiful speeches unlike any I had heard at other weddings. Eric & Brittany really are a special couple and will touch so many people as they continue on in their life and ministry together!


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stupid vacuum cleaner

Trevor’s gone all day today hanging out with the guys. Before I hang out with my friend Renata, I decided to clean the house. For some reason the vacuum won’t turn on! I tried switching to a different outlet and that did nothing. So instead of vacuuming, I’ll show you the card and gift bag I made for Durwood (Darrin) & Kirsten’s wedding.

I tried to use colors similar to what their wedding invitation was.

Here’s the simple card I made with my Cricut. I like how it turned out. I really should use my Cricut more.

Trevor thinks he got the Norwegian wrong, but oh well, he’s just learning.

And here’s the envelope.

It was a rainy day yesterday, so I had to take these photos inside, which is why the colors are a little off. I still need to learn more about PhotoShop to really fix the color.


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Winery Wedding

We had a great time at Bill & Judy’s cabin last weekend. Our friends Raef & Danelle got married Saturday afternoon in Alexandria, MN at Carlos Creek Winery. It just happened to be 20 minutes from Trev’s aunt and uncle’s cabin on Lake Miltona. Raef is on the same pool team as Trevor, and so some of the pool team people decided to go to the wedding together. Timi, Lisa, Kyle, Erin, Trevor, and I met up at the cabin Friday afternoon. We grilled brats, burgers, veggies, and corn on the cob for dinner. It was delicious! And of course I also made my famous 7-layer taco dip. We had a great time playing cards and sitting around the bonfire looking at the stars. Saturday ended up being a lot colder and windier than we would have liked, so instead of basking in the sun and getting on the jetskis, we played horseshoes and cards. Then Saturday afternoon we headed to the winery for the wedding. It took place outside in the vineyards. Very pretty! After an enjoyable reception we headed back to the cabin, played a game of cards and headed to bed. It was great to get up the next morning pretty early, eat some waffles, pack and clean up and hit the road. Kyle & Erin brought their black lab Chief Clancy Wiggum with them, and we brought our cockapoo Cash. I don’t think Cash slept the entire weekend! When we got back home he crashed, and slept most of the day yesterday. Poor little guy!

Anyway, here are my fave photos from the wedding. I’ve got to get back to some cleaning and then working on some projects for my brother’s soon to be wife’s shower I’m going to on Saturday. I’ll have to take pictures and show you what I made next week. 🙂

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