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Here we come weekend

I am happy to say that ever since I reorganized my closet it has stayed totally organized. It feels so nice to have a place for everything! I still have more organizing projects in mind but need a bit more motivation. It’s been raining here more than not for more than the past month, which makes it harder for me to get motivated.

I got some more scrap pages done the past few days. I am really liking what I’ve been creating lately. Usually I scrap a bunch of pages and only feel happy about a couple of them, but lately I’ve actually been looking at the pages without hating them…

Tomorrow/Friday we are heading to Trevor’s hometown to be there for the weekend. He’s going deer hunting with his dad. I’ll be hanging out with my friend Michelle on Saturday. We’re planning on heading to Fargo for some scrap shopping and to meet up with Grandma, Sharon, and some of Grandma’s friends for her 2 month early birthday lunch (she shares it with another friend, plus now there isn’t snow & the Holidays stopping them from driving). Michelle and I plan on scrapping the night away! I just packed up my scrap supplies and have some more photos I want to print off before we get on the road tomorrow. I tried to plan what photos I would be using ahead of time so I could print off some different sizes of photos. I am really trying to be selective about what photos I am scrapping for my brother’s wedding album, but there are just so many great photos! Of course. 🙂

It was nice to hang with Trev tonight and watch some good TV. Thursdays we DVR so many shows it is pretty ridiculous. The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Community, Flash Forward, Project Runway, Fringe, Survivor, CSI, The Mentalist, and The Vampire Diaries…Why did they have to put all the good shows on the same night???!!! We watch most of these together, and the last 3 I watch. I know it seems crazy that we watch so much, but there isn’t much else that we actually do watch! Thursday is the it day. That’s why DVR totally rules…if we didn’t have it I wouldn’t watch 1/3 of this…

Here are a few of my fave layouts so far. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law Brittany. 🙂

From the bridal showers:

From the rehearsal:



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more layouts from summer 2007

Trev is spending the day golfing with his cousins and a high school/pool team friend. What a great day to be doing that. It is beautiful outside!

We’ve had a pretty busy and fun week. Dinner with Trev’s co-workers at Rudolph’s Wednesday night and dinner at Triple Rock and Blingo! with Brian and Jennie last night. I am feeling like I need to be out and about today but I’ve actually got nothing going on!

Here are some scrap layouts I did this week. Once again, you can always see all my layouts here.

I made the above layout with my Cricut.

This next one I scraplifted from the packaging that I got some of the items in (Making Memories Vintage Findings), but I am posting it anyway because I love how it turned out!

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