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Summer Television

It’s summer, and summer TV isn’t always that great. Of course it’s a great time to be outside gardening and biking and everything….except for when it rains like it has been! I like to watch TV and movies while I scrapbook whenever I get a chance. I also watch while doing laundry and other organizing.  Anyway, I thought I’d do a little post on what I’ve been watching now that it’s summer.

What I watch comes from a few different places:  network TV, Netflix (both mail and streaming), and hulu.com. We can watch all of these on our TV either through Tivo and/or our PlayStation 3.

As far as network TV, Trev and I have been watching “Friday Night Lights” and “Last Comic Standing”. FNL is one of our fave shows, and especially for Trevor. I’ll always think the first season was the best, but it still has great acting and emotion and all of that. I haven’t watched Last Comic Standing in a really long time and am enjoying this season so far. I’m not sure about the judges yet. Doesn’t Natasha Leggero look just like Eliza Dushku? I also DVR “Lie to Me” but haven’t watched any of this season yet.

Trev and I started looking for a new TV show to rent from Netflix. We tried watching “Mad Men”, but after 3 episodes decided it wasn’t for us. I know, you are probably all shocked…but it was just too depressing and I didn’t want to devote anymore time to it. Also, January Jones is not a very good actress. After that we rented the old show “Wonderfalls” that lasted less than a season. Trev didn’t care for it but I plan on watching all 13 episodes or however many there are. We’ve watched the first 4 episodes so far. I really like how creative it is. Not sure what we’ll try and watch next. We still have season 2 of “24” to finish up, and Netflix has all the seasons on streaming! Any suggestions on other shows to rent from Netflix?

On hulu I’ve been watching “Royal Pains”. I watched it last season, and since we don’t have cable anymore I’m glad I can watch this season on hulu! I watched the pilot of “Pretty Little Liars” also but it was pretty bad all around. Anyone else watch shows on hulu?

I’ve also been watching “Alias”, since I never saw it when it was on TV. I rented season 1 through Netflix and then bought season 2 from Half Price Books. I got season 3 used through Amazon for a few bucks and just started watching it yesterday. 🙂 I’ll be looking for good deals on the last 2 seasons. It’s easier to do it this way than watching through Netflix because I prefer to get something both Trevor and I can watch together through Netflix.

What are you watching this summer?


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TV Shows: What I Watch

I’m sure you are all dying to know what shows I watch and DVR. Ha! Just in case you are curious, here are my thoughts on what’s on TV these days.

To start out, yes, it’s a lot of TV. You don’t have to tell me that. This is only possible because a)we have had DVR for years- first through cable and now Tivo, and b)I like to watch TV while doing other stuff: clipping coupons, cleaning the house, folding laundry, making crafts and cards, reading magazines, grooming the dog, organizing anything I can get my hands on (I like to organize, ok?). I also don’t always watch every episode. Sometimes I actually delete stuff I DVR because I haven’t been in the mood to watch it. Also, not all these shows are all on at the same time. Some are mid-season, late-season, and some are on a break or are brand new.

I admit, after canceling cable, and after watching every single season of Project Runway from the very first episode, it was hard to miss the premiere of the new season last night. It is one of the only reality TV shows I have cared to watch. The last season was mostly boring and not all that exciting, but in the past I have been excited to watch each week. I will have to just skip this season all together or watch it later on. I don’t believe I can watch the episodes online. Correct me if I am mistaken.

Might as well stay on the topic of reality TV. It’s not my thing. I know a lot of people are really into it and love The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, etc. but I don’t care for it. I watched the first several seasons of the original reality TV, The Real World on MTV, and stopped when it got ridiculously uninteresting and out of hand. After that I’ve stuck with only reality TV that has to do with design- Project Runway, HGTV’s Design Star, and Top Design. All of those were/are on cable TV, so no more of that for me. Although we skipped out on almost every season of Survivor, the hubby and I started watching a couple years ago, whatever the first season in HD was. So Survivor will remain the only reality TV we watch.

As far as dramas go, our favorite show to watch together is Lost. We refused to watch when everyone was originally talking about it, but halfway through season 3 we rented the first two seasons and got hooked! We’re really excited to watch the new and final season, although this season it is on Tuesday nights, which is when Trevor has pool leagues. It’s the only show we watch live, but I guess not anymore! We also watch Friday Night Lights together. We’ve been watching Flash Forward, but aren’t liking it as much, and find the plot and writing sort of ridiculous at times. We’ll watch when it comes back on after the Olympics and decide if it’s worth to keep watching. I also watched the first episodes of V, and am undecided on if I really like it or not. I mainly like Elizabeth Mitchell (who is also on Lost).  I also watch Fringe (Trev gave  up towards the end of the first season). The Good Wife is my new favorite, and I really liked The Mentalist last season but have been deleting some episodes this season without watching.

Continuing on with dramas, the ones I have been watching the longest are CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Law & Order: SVU. I occasionally watch CSI: New York, and I loathe CSI: Miami, but the original CSI is my favorite. I haven’t given up on it even with all the cast changes, though I do miss Grissom. I really liked watching SVU in the past, but the past couple seasons haven’t been as good and I even found some episodes just bad/stupid. I much prefer The Good Wife now. I have been watching Medium since the beginning, and although it can be a bit out there, I love how real the family seems, the marriage, the small house, and I love Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois. I will also throw in that I have been watching NCIS on and off since I stumbled upon it the second season. It’s sort of crazy how it’s taken over the TV ratings. It’s not one that I have to see every episode of though, and I still am not much of a Ziva fan. I have always really liked Abby, DiNozzo, and McGee.

Moving on to comedies, I’ll start with a comedy/drama, Ugly Betty. This show is crazy and all over the place and just totally soap opera-y and out there, but hilarious. What has kept me watching it is Betty. Trev and I watch all the rest of the comedies together. Our fave is NBC”s Thursday comedy line-up:  Community, Parks & Rec, The Office, & 30 Rock. The Office is our favorite! We also love Better Off Ted, which is whacky and hilarious but will most likely get canceled. We watch Glee, and our new fave this season is Modern Family. We also watch the show Chuck and love that it is currently back for it’s third season!

Finally, we come to one last show, and it is my guilty pleasure show- The Vampire Diaries. Everyone’s gotta have a teen drama in the mix though, right? I thought it would be totally ridiculous when I started watching it, but I got hooked. What can I say?

If I had to cut my list down, I could do that and be fine, but these days there’s just too much good TV. This of course doesn’t include all the shows we have watched via Netflix. 🙂 I could do a whole entry on shows that I love that were canceled, but that’s how it goes.

Here’s the final list:



Friday Night Lights

Flash Forward






Law & Order: SVU

The Good Wife

The Mentalist

Ugly Betty

The Office

30 Rock


Parks & Rec

Modern Family

Better Off Ted



The Vampire Diaries

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Here we come weekend

I am happy to say that ever since I reorganized my closet it has stayed totally organized. It feels so nice to have a place for everything! I still have more organizing projects in mind but need a bit more motivation. It’s been raining here more than not for more than the past month, which makes it harder for me to get motivated.

I got some more scrap pages done the past few days. I am really liking what I’ve been creating lately. Usually I scrap a bunch of pages and only feel happy about a couple of them, but lately I’ve actually been looking at the pages without hating them…

Tomorrow/Friday we are heading to Trevor’s hometown to be there for the weekend. He’s going deer hunting with his dad. I’ll be hanging out with my friend Michelle on Saturday. We’re planning on heading to Fargo for some scrap shopping and to meet up with Grandma, Sharon, and some of Grandma’s friends for her 2 month early birthday lunch (she shares it with another friend, plus now there isn’t snow & the Holidays stopping them from driving). Michelle and I plan on scrapping the night away! I just packed up my scrap supplies and have some more photos I want to print off before we get on the road tomorrow. I tried to plan what photos I would be using ahead of time so I could print off some different sizes of photos. I am really trying to be selective about what photos I am scrapping for my brother’s wedding album, but there are just so many great photos! Of course. 🙂

It was nice to hang with Trev tonight and watch some good TV. Thursdays we DVR so many shows it is pretty ridiculous. The Office, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Community, Flash Forward, Project Runway, Fringe, Survivor, CSI, The Mentalist, and The Vampire Diaries…Why did they have to put all the good shows on the same night???!!! We watch most of these together, and the last 3 I watch. I know it seems crazy that we watch so much, but there isn’t much else that we actually do watch! Thursday is the it day. That’s why DVR totally rules…if we didn’t have it I wouldn’t watch 1/3 of this…

Here are a few of my fave layouts so far. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And Happy Birthday to my sis-in-law Brittany. 🙂

From the bridal showers:

From the rehearsal:


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