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Project 365: The Book

I recently figured out what I was going to do with all the photos I’ve been taking for Project 365. I’ve been taking a photo every day since March 31, 2010,  so I’m up to 104 photos! By the end I’ll have 365 photos, and I really wanted to be able to put them all in one book. I imagine a photobook will be quite expensive, so I figured out a sort of photo album and scrapbook combination would work out best for me. When I was at Archivers looking around in the clearance section I found some We R Memory Keepers page protectors for 50% off. I bought a few packs of two different styles. One has pockets for three photos, and the other has pockets for 9 photos. I remembered seeing 8 1/2 x 11 American Crafts D-ring corduroy albums at Big Lots in Sheboygan, so I looked around at Big Lots here and was unable to find them. Luckily they still had them in Sheboygan so Mom was awesome and picked up a couple for me and sent them to me! I planned the whole album out and figured out the order and design I wanted to go with, and got started. I print off some photos in wallet size here at home with my printer because I don’t want multiples of each picture. The photo sites have you order them in multiples of 4. I order the rest of the photos in 4×6 from Shutterfly or Kodak. Here is what the album looks like so far:

This is a close-up. MM letters, AC Thickers, Dear Lizzy sticker, little flower and tree stickers are from Borders. Stamps are acrylic $1 stamps.

This is the intro page. Paper is Amy Butler. Journaling spots by Kayla Aimee and Basic Grey. Dear Lizzy ribbon and flowers. AC Thickers.

I’m doing a mixture of these layout pages and other pages with slots for multiple photos.

I am doing this same layout for each page that is a scrap page with 1 photo. I am using just a few colors of Bazzil cardstock and then Amy Butler patterned papers in the entire album.

I have a layout for Day 1, and then the next few days are 4x6s in these sleeves. I have all the info written on the back of each 4×6 photo.

The scrap layout and 3-photo page protector are then followed by 2 9-photo page protectors.

I wrote all the info on the back of each picture. In the top left slot I put a card with the list of which day it is of 365 and a short description of the photo it matches up with.

All the photos are in day order, so I didn’t pick and choose which ones would be wallet or 4×6.  I decided to just go with the flow!

You can get the idea from these photos, but if you’d like to see what I have done so far you can see it all here!

I’m glad that I have it started so that I can add photos as I go and then have a completed book in the end instead of a huge project. I am feeling a little impatient though as I’ll have to wait for at least a week at a time each time I add to the book since I print out the wallet photos 9 on a sheet and am ordering the 4x6s (it’s cheaper that way).

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions.



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Inside Outside

After a day of rain, today is a great sunny day! Trev is over at his cousin Brett’s helping him with his patio project. I was hoping to do some more gardening, but I decided it wasn’t a smart thing for me to do today. I filled a wheelbarrow with 5 loads of river rock on Friday and the past couple of days my back has been feeling it! In order to plant the last of the bulbs I have to plant I need to dig up another area of the yard before I can plant. I think I’ll put it off for another day or two.

Here’s what I got started on Friday as well:

On Friday I also planted a bunch of bulbs in this spot by the garage:

Right now it just looks like dirt, but I’m excited for what it might look like in a month or two. 🙂

We were gone last week in Fergus Falls, so I finally got around to getting us groceries again yesterday. The couponing has seemed really overwhelming lately, especially when it’s all just for a few coupons now that we are eating less processed foods and more whole foods. Last night we went to Trader Joes as well as Cub Foods, and now I can finally make a few new recipes I have been wanting to try.

I’ve also been scrapbooking a lot again lately. I won a free online class at Big Picture Scrapbooking that I’ve been taking called A Baker’s Dozen. It’s been really interesting. The idea is to get layouts done and not worry too much about detail or take forever on it. Darci Dowdle, Stacy Julian’s sister is teaching the class. She had us use an egg carton and envelopes and pre-choose photos, papers, and embellishments without us knowing what goes with what. Every other day she matches up a spot in the egg carton with an envelope and gives us a sketch and other supplies we’ll need to make the layout. What’s been interesting for me mostly has to do with what I am journaling. I realize that I don’t always share much about my relationship with the people in the photos or how I feel about them or what I’ve experienced with them in the photos. I’m trying to be better at that. It also feels good to be using up a lot of the embellishments I’ve had for a long time. Anyway, here are a couple of the layouts I’ve done so far. The sketches are for 8 1/2 x 11, so I alter them to make them 12×12.

I also finished scrapbooking my trip to Georgia from February. I did an 8×8 album, which I haven’t done in a really long time. It was fun to change things up. I always have intentions to make little trip albums like this and keep making photobooks online when I find good or free deals instead. I made myself do a scrapbook this time because that’s what I really like to do. 🙂 You can see it here.

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How fun is this?

Today I was mentioned over on the Colorbok blog.


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So many photos

I’ve been getting some scrapbooking done lately. Things don’t always look right when I scan them, and I never remember to take pictures during the day in good light, so I just took some photos tonight. I very rarely scrap during the day. I almost always feel the most creative in the evening. I am still working on photos from 2008 and continue to work on being more selective with the photos I print and scrap. I’ve been printing less and less from each event or day, but every year I take more and more photos! It seems like every year we have more going on than the last (although amazingly this summer isn’t already all scheduled for us like the last two were).

Here are some of the layouts I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

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From one page to another

It’s late and I’m listening to albums on lala.com- First I listened to Them Crooked Vultures and now I’m listening to the latest Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach. It’s all been great music for a late Friday night after having a fun night out with friends.

Here are a couple of the layouts I did this week. These are photos from the weekend in 2008 that Trev and I flew to Vegas and met up with my cousin Jen and her husband Matt, who drove from Phoenix. It was a great time together. I made a photobook of our weekend through Shutterfly, so I only did 2 pages for my scrapbook.

This first page I just grabbed some scraps and did.

I have been collecting magazine ads and color combo ideas from magazines for a long time to help with inspiration for my pages. I don’t use them often enough! I decided to make a page inspired by a magazine page and here is what I came up with. It didn’t turn out quite how I imagined, but it’s something a little different I guess, and helped me use more scraps.

The magazine:

The page:

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Still working in picture order

While the guys were on their guys weekend on the North Shore, I went to Becca’s on Saturday and hung out with Becca, Melissa, and Esther. It was a really nice and relaxing day! I even got some scrapbook pages done while I was there. I didn’t bring a ton with me, and I ended up using a lot from the Cosmo Cricket Earth Love & The Boyfriend paper pad. Love these papers! I’m currently scrapping photos from 2008. I’m thinking about maybe skipping to doing current photos and working my way back, but not sure about it. Anyone have thoughts on what works for them?

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I haven’t posted any scrapbook pages lately, but I have been scrapping here and there. I’ll have to post some this week!

I spent a couple of days last week reorganizing and putting my label maker to good use in my scrap/craft area in our office. I made a video to show my mom since she has been in the process or rearranging her own scrap room. I just used our little point and shoot digital camera, but you can see how I have everything organized if you are curious.

I LOVE organizing stuff, so organizing my craft area is really fun for me to do. I’ve been thinking about some organization tips I can share, so you can look forward to that soon. 🙂

We had a great and busy weekend here: errands, cleaning, time with my bestie Betsy, a bonfire with the neighbors, church, Vikings game pizza party at our house with the Mpls Tungseth cousins, dinner at Granite City with my father-in-law and several other relatives, and some down time thrown in the mix. I also got some photos printed that I’m excited about. I will fill you in on that later. How was your weekend?

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