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Project 365: The Book

I recently figured out what I was going to do with all the photos I’ve been taking for Project 365. I’ve been taking a photo every day since March 31, 2010,  so I’m up to 104 photos! By the end I’ll have 365 photos, and I really wanted to be able to put them all in one book. I imagine a photobook will be quite expensive, so I figured out a sort of photo album and scrapbook combination would work out best for me. When I was at Archivers looking around in the clearance section I found some We R Memory Keepers page protectors for 50% off. I bought a few packs of two different styles. One has pockets for three photos, and the other has pockets for 9 photos. I remembered seeing 8 1/2 x 11 American Crafts D-ring corduroy albums at Big Lots in Sheboygan, so I looked around at Big Lots here and was unable to find them. Luckily they still had them in Sheboygan so Mom was awesome and picked up a couple for me and sent them to me! I planned the whole album out and figured out the order and design I wanted to go with, and got started. I print off some photos in wallet size here at home with my printer because I don’t want multiples of each picture. The photo sites have you order them in multiples of 4. I order the rest of the photos in 4×6 from Shutterfly or Kodak. Here is what the album looks like so far:

This is a close-up. MM letters, AC Thickers, Dear Lizzy sticker, little flower and tree stickers are from Borders. Stamps are acrylic $1 stamps.

This is the intro page. Paper is Amy Butler. Journaling spots by Kayla Aimee and Basic Grey. Dear Lizzy ribbon and flowers. AC Thickers.

I’m doing a mixture of these layout pages and other pages with slots for multiple photos.

I am doing this same layout for each page that is a scrap page with 1 photo. I am using just a few colors of Bazzil cardstock and then Amy Butler patterned papers in the entire album.

I have a layout for Day 1, and then the next few days are 4x6s in these sleeves. I have all the info written on the back of each 4×6 photo.

The scrap layout and 3-photo page protector are then followed by 2 9-photo page protectors.

I wrote all the info on the back of each picture. In the top left slot I put a card with the list of which day it is of 365 and a short description of the photo it matches up with.

All the photos are in day order, so I didn’t pick and choose which ones would be wallet or 4×6.  I decided to just go with the flow!

You can get the idea from these photos, but if you’d like to see what I have done so far you can see it all here!

I’m glad that I have it started so that I can add photos as I go and then have a completed book in the end instead of a huge project. I am feeling a little impatient though as I’ll have to wait for at least a week at a time each time I add to the book since I print out the wallet photos 9 on a sheet and am ordering the 4x6s (it’s cheaper that way).

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions.



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Let Everything that Hath Breath Praise the Lord

I just got home from choir practice so I’m in a good mood. Have I mentioned how much I love singing in the church gospel choir? I just have to mention it again.

We had a good weekend here this weekend. I got to spend time with my best friend Betsy and chat with my fave cousin Jen. I finally finished the scrapbook of my brother Eric’s wedding to his beautiful bride Brittany also! Yesterday was spent at church, a bit at home, and then the church annual meeting. Does your church have a DJ and red velvet cake at their annual meeting? 😉

It is Thanksgiving week so I’ve got my big to-do-list of what has to happen before we leave our house Wednesday evening for Fergus Falls. There is cleaning, laundry, packing, shopping, and some chex mix to be made! We’ll be spending Thanksgiving Day with 40+ Tungseths at the lake cabin. We’ll be making lefse and Christmas cookies on Friday, and going Christmas Tree cutting on Saturday! Lots of photo ops. 😉 No tree for us on Saturday though. We will stick with our artificial tree for another year. We have old wood floors and a male dog, so I don’t think we need to see what kind of disaster a real tree would be, although I would love to have our house filled with the smell of pine!

Today I spent some time organizing photos and putting them in albums. Between all the different online photo sales in the past couple months I was able to only pay the price of shipping for the photos from the past year and a half! I only have one scrap page done of 2008, but at least it’s started! I’ll get back to scrapping that, but also still need to figure out my plan for Christmas cards…

Here are some of my fave pages from the scrapbook I made of Eric & Brittany’s Wedding. You can see the whole album here.

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My love for photos and that one time I threw them away.

I got my first camera at age 7 or 8 and I haven’t stopped taking photos since.

My parents were always taking photos, and still are, and it’s what I was used to. My mom kept her photos very organized. She had a big bookshelf full of albums and scrapbooks of our kid artwork and other childhood “important” papers. There were family photo albums, and then albums for each of us kids. We looked at the albums so much that they started to fall apart, and Mom liked to point out that they were expensive albums that were supposed to last forever. Oops. For as long as I can remember, photos and memories have always been a part of my life, and I’ve always found them important. I followed after Mom’s example and even in second or third grade started my very own photo albums of my photos. I had no idea that most of the population didn’t take so many photos, and if they did, they were most likely stored in shoe boxes in drawers, under beds, or in the attic.

In high school I made the old-fashioned sort of scrapbooks, but my freshman year of college (’98-’99) Mom introduced me to a whole new kind of scrapbooking. It consisted of pretty papers and scissors and templates. Mom gave me a scrapbook and papers and other tools to start a book of my own (I think for Christmas). After that, each summer, in between years at college, I would come home and scrapbook the last school year of photos. I would set up a table in the living room and camp out there for a couple of days scrapping all of my photos before my busy summer at work started up at the hotel (and later this hotel).

The summer after I graduated from college, I went on choir tour to Norway and Sweden, then lived in an apartment I knew was just for the summer, then on to a house for a couple of months, then to an apartment I had a lease for a year for with my friend Kristy (and then Sarah/saraj).  2002 was a crazy busy unstable year to say the least. At the beginning of the summer my beloved camera that I had gotten in 1996 before my summer in Paraguay, had finally broken. Dad knew that I had a bunch of friends getting married that summer and how much I loved taking photos, so he surprised me with a new fuji camera. I was ecstatic! I took so many photos that summer.

I had a big room to myself at my apartment with Kristy (then Sarah) in Roseville, and then another big room at my next apartment with Masha. In all that time of moving around and taking photos with my film camera (keep in mind this is before everyone and their mother had a digital camera), I hadn’t made time to scrapbook anything, except for gift books for friends here and there, and I hadn’t even put my photos in albums. They were all organized in little bags inside a shopping bag, ready to be scrapbooked. One day I decided to look at some of the photos, and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I frantically searched my room, my closet, everywhere I could think before it set in. I had the bag of photos next to some other bags of garbage when I was cleaning, and I must have thrown them away. Yes, I threw my photos away. Not much can compare to what I felt that day. It still makes me sad now. I had thrown all the photos away from the year 2002, and the first part of 2003. Graduation, birthday, 4 weddings, all my time spent at the places I lived, photos with Renata while she was here from Brazil, photos with my long distance boyfriend. It was ALL GONE. It is very strange not to have photos to look at of those things. Because my life is so very documented in photos, it’s almost like those things didn’t happen. I know they did, but they don’t feel as real.

When Renata was here from Brazil for the month of August, I told her about how I didn’t have photos from the other time that she was here in 2002. She was kind enough to scan in photos and some of them I don’t remember ever seeing before. I look so young, and life was so different for me then. I barely remember being this person.

Moral of the story- life can still go on without photos, but I think it’s better with them. And I always put photos straight into albums, even if I know I’m eventually going to scrap them anyway. 😉

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Lovely company

A couple of weeks ago we had a fabulous time when my first cousin once removed, Jen, and her husband Matt/Fred flew from Phoenix, AZ to our home in Minneapolis for the weekend. We hadn’t seen each other since meeting up in Las Vegas in February 2008. While they were here we went to Canterbury, Ingebretsen’s, Eloise Butler Widlflower Gardens, The Quaking Bog, Lyndale Park Peace & Rose Gardens, and a day trip to Duluth & Superior.  We ate at Psycho Suzi’s, Triple Rock, Grandma’s, Granite City, and Perkins, as well as a couple meals at our house. AND Jen and I made three craft projects! I’ll fill you in on those next entry.

Here are some of my favorite pix from their weekend here.

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Fourth of the July. A blast.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the 4th of July in Fergus Falls and Lake Miltona. We had a great time with Trevor’s family and extended family, as always!

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