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Customer service?

Another reason why I am happy I replaced my dead Cricut electronic cutter with a Silhouette SD:

When my Cricut died, I tried everything I could to see if there was something wrong that needed to be changed so I could get the power button to actually work. I then went to the Cricut website and found their knowledge base and tried each of those steps. I sent an e-mail to Cricut support, and even included the steps below my e-mail so they knew what knowledge base article I was referring to:



date: Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 7:06 PM

subject: My Cricut does not power on


My Cricut does not power on. I found an article in your knowledge base and I still can’t turn it on. My power button does not glow green. Nothing is displayed in the LCD. I pushed the power button several times, making sure I pressed it hard enough. The power adapter is plugged in to a live outlet. I tried other outlets as well. Both parts of the adapter are plugged together, and the adapter end is completely plugged in to the machine. There is a green light glowing on the face of the power adapter, so I know it is plugged in. I checked all of these things more than once, and my Cricut still does not power on. Do you have any other suggestions or is my Cricut dead now?


Karin Tungseth

Possible Solution 1 – Does the power button itself glow green? And are there just squares displayed in the LCD if so? If this is the case, the Cricut machine will need to be serviced.

Possible Solution 2 – Make sure the power switch has been firmly press.

Possible Solution 3 – Make sure the power adapter is plugged into a live outlet, both parts of the adapter are plugged together, and the adapter end is completely plugged into Cricut machine.

Possible Solution 4 – Check the power adapter is plugged in. There should be a green light glowing on the face. If not, it may be defective and needs to be replaced.


After I received no response for a couple of days, I finally just called their customer support number and talked to someone. I told her I had sent them an e-mail and had not received a reply. She had me check ONE thing, that there was a green light glowing on the power adapter, and then told me the only solution was to buy a replacement machine.

TODAY, 15 days later, I got the following e-mail:


date: Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 3:40 PM

subject: RE: My Cricut does not power on


Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

Due to the technical nature of your inquiry, we would recommend that you contact our Customer Service Department at: 1-877-727-4288.  Our hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm MST.  We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a wonderful day!

Customer Support


Thanks! And I’ll have a wonderful day using my Silhouette SD. Yes, I actually did send them a reply because I thought they should know what I think about their customer service. Here’s to hoping Silhouette’s customer service is better!

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So, my Cricut died.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that my personal Cricut (electronic die cutter) died. My mom gave me the Cricut for Christmas a few years ago, and has given me many Cricut cartridges for gifts. I used my Cricut primarily for making cards, invitations, gift bags, and other projects. I did use the Cricut for my scrapbook pages occasionally, but not very often. I have a big love for American Crafts Thickers, so I rarely cut out letters/words with my Cricut, even though I had hoped to more.

Anyway, it was a handy little tool, so I was sad when it wouldn’t turn on. I checked everything possible and it wouldn’t work. I sent an e-mail to Cricut support, and after not receiving any response for a couple of days, I gave them a call. My Cricut, in fact, was dead, and the solution they gave me was buying a replacement one! “They have them on sale now at Walmart.” I had been wondering what to spend my Christmas money on, but I hadn’t planned on it being a replacement for a dead Cricut. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to go ahead and buy a replacement while I had the funds readily to do so!

I took a few days and did lots of research online. In the past few months I had seen more and more people talking about the Silhouette SD, so I wanted to consider that as well (although I do not know anyone personally who owns one). Silhouette even has this handy comparison chart. I thought about buying a Cricut Expression because I heard you could get one at Walmart for around $200. The bad part about that is that I would have to step foot into a Walmart and then give them $200 of my money. I choose not to shop there unless necessary for various reasons, and around here in the land of Target  you have to really go out of your way to find one. Buying the Cricut would be nice because I could just keep using the tools I already have, including the cartridges. It also would be nice because it can cut 12×12. I’m not sure if I would ever find a reason to need to cut something that size, but it’s possible.

I had seen people mention the Silhouette because they liked the convenience of being able to download designs when they needed or wanted to. They didn’t need to buy a cartridge with a handful of designs they would use, but instead could download individual designs. Also, with the Silhouette, it is pretty easy to create your own designs, and you can cut any font you already have installed on your pc! Also, it’s not a stale shop of designs to download. It’s updated every week, and has a free design to download each week as well. The other big difference is that you use software on your computer to select the designs you are going to cut. The new model is an “SD” version, so technically you can put designs on an SD card and not have to have the Silhouette attached to your computer to use it, making it portable. It really works just like a printer, but cutting instead of printing.

In the end I decided on the Silhouette. Here are the big reasons why:

*Cricut is currently revamping and discontinuing a lot, including the Cricut Expression, the very model I was thinking about buying. When it comes to technology, buying a machine about to be discontinued isn’t very exciting.

*I saw a comparison of the two cutting out the very same thing. Silhouette did a much cleaner, sharper job.

*While I already have Cricut cartridges, I had a few on each that I really loved and that was it. I also only had a couple of font cartridges. The cartridges took up space. The little books were sort of annoying to have to page through to find what I needed. Choosing designs based on the tiny keys on the interchangable keypads was also frustrating. The little display on the Cricut and all the keys I had to push sometimes were frustrating to me.

*I discovered that I could purchase the Silhouette SD on, only pay $2.95 for shipping, and use a 10% off coupon. It only cost me a total of $166.73. That’s less money than the Cricut Expression, and I didn’t even have to go to Walmart, or step foot in any store for that matter! It also came with a $10 card to use in the Silhouette store for downloads.

*With the Silhouette I can use the tons of fonts I have on my computer. I can also download designs that are very current, and create my own! I was able to download some American Crafts Dear Lizzie images! Also, it came with 50 images already.

*With the Silhouette I can use software on my computer and alter existing images, make them any size I want to use (within 8 1/2 x 39 inches and not limited by increments of 1/2 inch), and flip images around to fit everything onto the page the best way to efficiently use the paper. There are just many more options available to me working in this sort of format, and I don’t mind having to learn new software.

I’m excited to try some of the different things I can do with the Silhouette, like:

*Print and cut! First you print the image on your printer, then put it through the Silhouette and it cuts it out.

*Use pens in place of the blade to sketch

*Make vinyl wall decals

*Etch glass

*Use heat transfer vinyl on clothes and bags and other items

*And as usual, make more cards and scrapbook pages. 🙂

I received my Silhouette SD yesterday, and here are my very first scrapbook pages with Silhouette die cuts!

I cut out the trees and “Tungseth Tradition.” I know these aren’t the best layouts ever, but I was just playing around and experimenting to see what works. I “welded” some of the letters together, so they weren’t just cut out one at a time. Another bonus with the Silhouette.

I think these borders turned out pretty nice! I am amazed how well it cuts the intricate pieces. This font was not a winner! I have to keep trying to figure out what the Silhouette cuts best. Once again I “welded” these so they were cut out as words, not just individual letters.

These are the Dear Lizzy doilies. 🙂 I think they turned out pretty well, but I think I’d prefer their look on a smaller scale. They work pretty well on this page though.

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know what I think as I keep using it! Let me know if you have any questions.


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More layouts :-)

Here’s a couple more of my fave layouts I’ve made recently:

This was pretty simple to make, but i like how colorful it is. 🙂

It was tough to narrow down what photos to use on this page! Lots of fun ones. 🙂 This also is pretty simple. Was able to use a scrap Hambly overlay.

I thought this paper was really fun! It’s K & Co. It worked out perfectly for my layout, as well as saving the score sheet. 🙂


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Some more layouts of 2009, scrapped in 2010.

It’s been way too long since I’ve shared some scrapbooking pages, don’t you think? I took a little break from scrapping over the holidays and now I’m back to it. But I realized that I hadn’t taken photos of any of my layouts for months! Today I spent some time snapping photos of some of the layouts I made last Fall. So now you get to see them here. Yay!

I got a lot of ideas and some “scraplifts” from the Elizabeth Kartchner book, “52 More Scrapbooking Challenges.” It’s a really fun book with lots of great ideas. All of these did not come from that, but certainly many did that I worked on last Fall!

I used lots of scraps, and some Basic Grey and Sassafrass stickers. I also used a big EK Success edge punch. Love it.

I kept seeing these little pinwheel dealios everywhere so I thought I’d use them on a layout. I know I scraplifted this layout from a blog I saw but I am blanking on which one….Anyway, I think it looks cute, but it is way too thick in my scrapbook album. Sigh. I stamped the letters on and used buttons from my stash. Neato.

I am always using the K&Co. Amy Butler paper. What will I ever do when I run out? 🙂

Basic Grey, Amy Butler, and K&Co. Handmade. Martha Stewart punches.

Sometimes I am amazed how long I save programs and stuff to use for pages. I like how this one worked out.

And this one too:

This is actually Martha Stewart paper I bought on clearance. The flowers are from Big Lots, and the ribbon is American Crafts.

I like how this one turned out. MM Vintage Findings. Martha Stewart paper. It is getting harder and harder to chose which photos to scrap because I keep taking more and more! I’m sure we took hundreds during the Lehman wedding weekend, and i narrowed it down to just a few that I wanted to remember it by.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ll come back and share some more another day soon. There are so many more! I am currently scrapbooking Christmas 2009, which means I’m close to being a year “behind.” I am making the process more enjoyable by being more selective with the events and photos I scrap. If I don’t feel like scrapbooking it, I don’t! Once I am “caught up” I have lots of childhood photos and other random pictures to scrap, and I’m always taking photos anyway!

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Two Months

I haven’t shared any scrapbook layouts in two whole months! I have been finding a day here or there to scrapbook and get a bunch done. I only do it when I’m totally in the mood or need the “therapy.” I really enjoy the time thinking about the memories and exercising some creativity. I’ve been trying to be a bit more selective about the photos I scrapbook. If I’m not feeling it, I don’t force myself to do it. Since the last time I posted, I finished scrapbooking my photos from 2008, and now I’m up to June of 2009! I’m still over a year “behind” but I am having a fun time with these photos. I finally got to the photos taken with our Cannon Rebel! I do think it is more enjoyable to scrapbook with the nicer photos. It might be a little bit harder to choose which photos to scrap!

Here are a few I took photos of to share with you.

For this layout I used some Making Memories Vintage Findings paper and then a random assortment of things I had stashed in a drawer, including a couple of clothing tags I had been saving! The photos are from our Valentine’s Day/ Kyle and Trevor’s birthdays outing with Kyle and Erin at the MOA. Fun times!

This layout is more Making Memories paper. The photos are from Easter last year in Sheboygan with my family. It’s pretty simple, but I like how it turned out.

For this layout I used Sassafrass paper and then some various tapes, and some K & Co. journaling spots. The photos are from the photobooth at Scott & Emily’s wedding reception April 2009. So much fun! More people should have them at their weddings. 🙂

For this page I used mostly Colorbok’s Heidi Grace papers. I love the floral and bird designs in this line. Very cute! I used my EK Success Bubble punch too. The alphas are Thickers and the flowers are leftovers I cut out with my Cricut. The photos are from when Betsy and I got to see our friends, the Snodgrasses, while they were visiting from overseas.

I used the Basic Grey Basics line on this page, as well as K&Co. Amy Butler. The photos are from a Tungseth get together with some relatives who visited from Norway.

Lastly, this layout was made with Cosmo Cricket paper, Martha Stewart stickers, and American Crafts Dear Lizzie chipboard. The photos are from the first Live on the Drive we went to, where we hung out with fun neighbors and enjoyed some live music!

Thanks for looking! Time to go put some more water in Cash’s water dish. I can hear him banging on it…

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Music Memories

While Trevor was gone in Fergus last weekend I finished up scrapbooking my photos from 2008. Here are the layouts I did about concerts I went to that year!

I’ve been holding on to this paper for a long time. I finally found the perfect layout to use it. 🙂

I stamped the lyrics on the cardstock and then covered that half with a transparency.

Thanks for looking!

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I am continuing on working on layouts using photos from 2008. I only have photos from November and December left to do. It’s been really fun documenting these memories, and it seems like there’s no way this happened two years ago! It doesn’t seem like that long! Here are some of the pages I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

I got the idea for this layout from Vanessa, and it documents getting to see my friend Katie when she was in town.

I used Bazzil cardstock, Making Memories patterned paper, AC Dear Lizzy flowers and little banner sticker, and some other rubons from my stash. I think they are Heidi Grace.

This is us at Lake Week 2008. That was probably the last time I was tan until a couple weeks ago (and now I’m peeling….yike)! They’ve moved Lake Week to a different place this year.

I used Kraft paper, K & Co. patterned paper and Making Memories Vintage Findings patterned paper. The birds rub-on is Hambly, the title letters are K & Co. Handmade, the date letters are Making Memories. Flower is from my stash. Love how this turned out especially because everything was from different companies and lines but goes together so well.

Jill was in town so had a little party to get her friends together.

I got this idea for this layout from Elizabeth Kartchner’s book. I used K & Co. Handmade papers. The white and blue paper is Martha Stewart. The black flourishes and flowers are stamps. The embellishments are mostly Amy Butler, and the letters are AC  Thickers.

This was my first attempt at gardening!

For this layout I used Making Memories papers, a Prima flower, Heather Bailey rub-ons, and the rest is from my stash. I think the border sticker is Crate Paper.

Thanks for looking! You can see more of my 2008 album here.

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Project 365: The Book

I recently figured out what I was going to do with all the photos I’ve been taking for Project 365. I’ve been taking a photo every day since March 31, 2010,  so I’m up to 104 photos! By the end I’ll have 365 photos, and I really wanted to be able to put them all in one book. I imagine a photobook will be quite expensive, so I figured out a sort of photo album and scrapbook combination would work out best for me. When I was at Archivers looking around in the clearance section I found some We R Memory Keepers page protectors for 50% off. I bought a few packs of two different styles. One has pockets for three photos, and the other has pockets for 9 photos. I remembered seeing 8 1/2 x 11 American Crafts D-ring corduroy albums at Big Lots in Sheboygan, so I looked around at Big Lots here and was unable to find them. Luckily they still had them in Sheboygan so Mom was awesome and picked up a couple for me and sent them to me! I planned the whole album out and figured out the order and design I wanted to go with, and got started. I print off some photos in wallet size here at home with my printer because I don’t want multiples of each picture. The photo sites have you order them in multiples of 4. I order the rest of the photos in 4×6 from Shutterfly or Kodak. Here is what the album looks like so far:

This is a close-up. MM letters, AC Thickers, Dear Lizzy sticker, little flower and tree stickers are from Borders. Stamps are acrylic $1 stamps.

This is the intro page. Paper is Amy Butler. Journaling spots by Kayla Aimee and Basic Grey. Dear Lizzy ribbon and flowers. AC Thickers.

I’m doing a mixture of these layout pages and other pages with slots for multiple photos.

I am doing this same layout for each page that is a scrap page with 1 photo. I am using just a few colors of Bazzil cardstock and then Amy Butler patterned papers in the entire album.

I have a layout for Day 1, and then the next few days are 4x6s in these sleeves. I have all the info written on the back of each 4×6 photo.

The scrap layout and 3-photo page protector are then followed by 2 9-photo page protectors.

I wrote all the info on the back of each picture. In the top left slot I put a card with the list of which day it is of 365 and a short description of the photo it matches up with.

All the photos are in day order, so I didn’t pick and choose which ones would be wallet or 4×6.  I decided to just go with the flow!

You can get the idea from these photos, but if you’d like to see what I have done so far you can see it all here!

I’m glad that I have it started so that I can add photos as I go and then have a completed book in the end instead of a huge project. I am feeling a little impatient though as I’ll have to wait for at least a week at a time each time I add to the book since I print out the wallet photos 9 on a sheet and am ordering the 4x6s (it’s cheaper that way).

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Why I do this.

(I made this layout a couple years back. It’s with photos from 2003.)

The other day I read Tina’s post “Explain Thyself Scrapbooker!” She asked, “Do you feel the need to defend your art? Your hobby?”

I haven’t really said much about my scrapbooking on here besides showing the layouts I’ve been currently working on, so I thought I’d share my feelings on this here. I identified with her completely. The other day I was talking to my neighbor (and friend) about all the stuff I’ve been planting this year, and then I got my garden notebook out to tell him the name of a couple of things I had planted this summer. He knows about my scrapbooks and notebooks and things, and he commented on all the stuff I document, and my need to document everything. He was just fascinated by it. Before that I had never really thought about how much I actually do document, but I document a lot, and I always have.

You may wonder why someone would ask scrapbookers if they feel the need to defend their hobby. For some reason, not everyone finds it an acceptable or at least understandable hobby. There have been many times where I’ve felt put down because I scrapbook. I don’t know why people put it down more than other hobbies or see it as so silly. Scrapbooking is documenting photos and words, memories and feelings. Anyone can do it if they choose to. I love the creative aspect of it, but I really believe that anyone can do it. People have made comments to me about how they don’t know how I find the time, or that they could never have the time. This makes it seem like I have more time than them, or my time is less valuable than theirs. True, I don’t have a job right now, but I’ve been scrapbooking for 11 years, so I don’t really factor that in. Even when I was busy with a job I made time to scrapbook. I don’t HAVE to take the time to make cards or little scrapbooks for gifts, but I MAKE the time to do it. Everyone has their hobbies that they choose to make time for, whether it’s TV, sewing, running, etc. Obviously I have other hobbies and things I do, but it’s important for me to make time to do the things I love, and make things for the people I love.

(I made this LO a few years ago, but the photos I took with my own camera at age 8 in 1988.)

Since I was 8 years old I have been journaling about my life, writing poetry, and taking pictures. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved saving mementos, notes, souvenirs. I’ve loved making collages and looking through photo albums. I used notebooks and little books I made myself to document high school friends, each year of high school, etc. I also started keeping quotebooks when I was 15. At age 18 I started always keeping a “list book” with me to write down lists of every sort of thing. When I was 19 my mom discovered what is now the hobby of scrapbooking and bought me my first scrapbook and papers. It was meant to be! Not only did I love to document my life and all my adventures and people I love, but since age 13 I had loved school and office supplies, buying what I could on clearance at Wal-Mart or the office supply store in the neighborhood. Being able to buy, organize, and use all sorts of paper, paints, and other embellishments was like heaven!

I have always had the need for a creative release and right now it’s scrapbooking.  To me it is more than just a chore of getting my photos in a book. It is about the creative process and documenting my thoughts on those things. It’s how I feel when I think about all these people and places that I love. I don’t have kids, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have photos to scrap. I’m not doing it for anyone else or for future generations, although that will be an added bonus. I am doing this for me. I don’t care if I’m ever “caught up.” I just want to get these memories and stories in books and make it pretty while I’m at it, and I’m sad that I have to justify what I’m doing. Thanks for letting me explain.


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Hello Sunny Weather

Hello Monday!

*I went for a long bike ride with Trevor this weekend again. The bike paths show me parts of the city I never knew existed. It’s awesome.

*Took the dog on a couple of long walks. I love looking at all the houses in our neighborhood and all the different gardens.

*Played Scrabble outside and lost as usual. Also played Boggle and won as usual.

*Went to the Farmer’s Market and Betsy & Ben came with us. We also hit up our local pizza place,  Papa’s for lunch.

*Made some delicious meals with all the good stuff we bought at the Farmer’s Market!

*Heard Pastor Efrem Smith’s last sermon at Sanctuary before he takes off for California to be Superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).

*Biked to and from the gym today to lift weights. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’ve still been doing the Baker’s Dozen class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, and I’ve got layout #12 to do and then in a couple of days we have our final layout! It’s been good to do some pages without having to think about it much. I’ve been getting some other pages done as well and have been having fun with it. Here are a couple more of my layouts I’ve done for the class:


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