Who I Am & What I Love

Today is my birthday, and I’m 31!

I saw this on a blog I read, and thought today was a good day to do this since it was my birthday.

Who I Am:

a follower of Christ,

wife, daughter, cousin, aunt, friend, preacher’s kid,

church-goer, college graduate, singer, choir member, dog owner/mama,

blogger, journaler, photo-taker, documenter, scrapbooker/paper-crafter,

list-maker, organizer, Wisconsonite/Minnesotan, Scandinavian,

home owner, gardener, cook, bike-rider, blue eyed, glasses-wearer, music lover


What I love:

the Lord,

my husband, my family, my cockapoo,

my cozy home, North Minneapolis, my church, my friends,

working (temporarily) in a diverse place,

meeting new people, going new places, travel, learning new things,

texts/calls/e-mails from friends,

handmade gifts, candles, IKEA, Patina, Italian food, trying new recipes,

being at the lake in the summer, walking Cash,

blogs, hoodies, jewelry, good TV,

indie films, foreign films, documentaries, a good action flick,

singing gospel music,

grapefruit, morning coffee, smoothies,

Spring blossoms, birds, sleeping in, party games, driving in the summer,

Norwegian things, house guests, summer fires,

Arcade Fire, Over the Rhine, Eisley, Radiohead, Sigur Ros…



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