Ten on Tuesday

1. We took a vacation to Huntington Beach, California with our friends Brian and Jennie Kraft. We were there for 5 days and I was sick all 5 of them.

2. At least we got away for a bit and it was a little warmer than it is here in MN. And there were palm trees and there was the ocean.

3. We got back last Wednesday night at midnight and made it home sometime around 1:30 AM and went to bed sometime after that. Then we got up the next morning at 6:30 AM and headed to work.

4. I am still working at Minneapolis Public Schools district offices and have been here almost 2 months.

5. I finish with Project 365 TOMORROW. Yes, I took a photo every day. I never totally forgot. I will fill you in with some more stats very soon.

6. This means that Thursday I’m turning 31. Turning 30 was a big deal but 31 is nothing.

7. I am trying to figure out what restaurants I’ll get to in the next few days for some free birthday meals. It’s a tough decision.

8. Friday is April. I am wondering when all the snow will finally melt?

9. Friday “Fringe” is on. It’s in my top fave shows. I’m glad it was renewed for another season the other day. I thought it would be cancelled for sure!

10. If you are sick, stay home from work. Take a sick day or work from home. Don’t go in to work anyway and make your co-workers sick for their spring vacations. K Thanks. 😉


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