My cousin Jen was wondering what the weird coincidences have been lately that I’ve been keeping track of. They might not seem that weird to other people, but they are to me. What do you think?

1. Walkie Talkie. Over.

On Saturday when cousin Kevin was texting me he started adding “Over.” to the end of his texts. I asked him why, and he said he was using walkie talkie language. So then Sunday we’re hanging out with Kevin’s identical twin Kyle, and Kyle tells me that his step-daughter got these awesome new walkie talkies that you can text on, and they were playing with them on Saturday. Kevin was not aware of this. Coincidence or twin phenomenon?

2. Schindler’s List

On Facebook I used my status yesterday to ask what everyone’s top funny movie was. Cousin Adam responded “Schindler’s List.” Later, my friend Jennie commented “That’s so weird that Adam says Schindler’s List- just last night I asked Brian what the last funny movie we saw was and he said Schindler’s List! Disturbed!”

3. Office Aroma

Yesterday afternoon there were two people sitting in the office talking and waiting for the executive I work with. All of a sudden I smelled a familiar smell. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I thought it was some sort of lotion or something that the woman must have put on, and kept thinking about it and could not put my finger on it. A bit later I took some antibacterial hand gel out of my purse and used it. Bingo! White citrus antibac from Bath and Bodyworks. Found it in an old purse the other day and stuck it in this one. Hadn’t used it in months. This was the same smell!

4. The Temp Job Connection

Today I was handed a huge stack of forms to enter into a computer system. The fifth form I got to was regarding someone I actually was familiar with- a student I had worked with last summer at Camp Komonniwannarock. There are like 30,000 students in the district. What are the odds?

5. Small Office

I work in a big office building, and am in an office with 2 other people. I met one of Trevor’s co-workers recently and he asked me if I happened to know his college friend, and he happened to be one of those 2 people, and works 30 feet away from me in the same room. This isn’t a small town- this is Minneapolis. What are the odds?


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