Food shopping: Trader Joe’s & Costco

I am a coupon girl. I love coupon deals! However, I stopped the crazy cheap coupon deals when we decided to try not to eat as much processed food. I mostly get my best coupon deals now on non-food items. There are still plenty of deals I can get on food with coupons,  i.e. rice, canned items, salsa, soups, but not nearly as much as I used to. When there aren’t many coupon deals for stuff, I like to head over to Trader Joe’s. We love the rice, orange chicken, and Indian food from the frozen food section! I also like some of their snacky stuff, like the peanut butter pretzels. I buy dog treats for Cash from here too, but he was not a fan of their canned dog food. What do you like to buy there?

The other place we shop regularly is Costco. If I tell Trevor I’m going to do a shopping trip there he usually wants me to wait and go when he can go with me. It’s pretty much his favorite store. We’ve gotten some really good deals on things like prescription sunglasses, our office chair, flowers, books, and I hear it’s a good place to get new tires. They are a great place to develop photos as well! Foodwise I like to buy their organic beef and chicken. We love their organic tortilla chips, dried fruit, chicken corn chowder, empanadas, cheese, and salad. They have the best deal on grapefruit, bananas, and pineapples! We always buy our paper towels and toilet paper here as well. What do you like to buy at Costco?

For some reason I find it much more “fun” and enoyable to do my shopping at Trader Joe’s and Costco than any other places I shop at for food. Kind of funny, huh?


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  1. Jen Nelson

    Jess and I were just having the same conversation about coupons after grocery shopping last weekend! We also try not to eat so much processed food. We saw yet another news story about a “coupon queen” and yeah she got free groceries, but she also bought about 15 packages of high calorie, high fat, heavily processed frozen garlic cheese bread. That’s a little ridiculous. Or as Jessica always says, “You can save a ton of money but only if you’re willing to eat crap all the time.”

    We haven’t been to Costco, but love Trader Joe’s. (We just wish one were closer to us so we could go more often.) It’s one of the best places to buy laughing cow cheese pricewise. We also like to buy flavored sausage, meat, honey sesame almonds, dog treats, frozen vegtables (their edamame is great!), olive oil, plantain chips, dark chocolate, and flavored lemonades there. It’s also where we purchase our Thanksgiving turkey.

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