Change it up

I have some other photos and stories to share, so I’m sorry I’ve been quiet! This week was changed up when I received a call late Monday afternoon to start a temp job Tuesday morning and continue through the week. I am so thankful for opportunities like this that seem to only come every once in a while through people I know. It’s all who you know, right? In this case it’s my church choir director who works in HR for the school district. I’ve been filling in for an executive assistant who was in a car accident on Monday. I’m especially thankful for the timing of this job since we discovered that we aren’t getting a tax refund this year, but instead OWE a few hundred dollars. So praise the Lord for this opportunity working out for me, even if I have to leave me home in this ridiculously cold weather (feels like -25 today)!

I’ve sort of gotten used to things changing up on me all the time lately! I had forgotten what it was like to work an 8-hour day and still get everything else done, and keep up with a social life. Maybe tonight I’ll finally get some TV shows watched off the DVR and get the laundry folded and put away…but grocery shopping needs to be done as well…


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