Celebrating February

January was full of ups and downs. I’m hoping February is much much better.

I celebrated Emily and Betsy’s birthdays last weekend, and also dyed my hair light brown. I’m loving the change and so is Trevor.

I went to pool leagues with Trev last night for the first time this season, and it was a great way to start the month with some of my fave people (Timi, Raef, Mark, Kevin, Emily, Dean, and Trevor of course).

Emily is a good friend of mine who joined Trevor’s pool team last season, and her boyfriend Dean comes to pool with her a lot. I didn’t end up talking to him much last night though because he had his laptop with him and spent the night hard at work. Everyone else there is actually on the pool team. Timi is an old co-worker of Trevor’s who became one of his best friends and she’s been on his pool team for years. I think they might have started off together? They started on a team with Kyle, one of Trevor’s many cousins, and Raef is one of Kyle’s old co-workers. Kyle decided to take a break from pool for a while, so then his twin brother Kevin ended up on the team, and Mark joined the team a couple years ago when he moved back here from Vegas. He’s an old friend of Kyle & Kevin’s. His parents were their Sunday school teachers when they were kids. So there are the basics!

Dean took this shot of us last night while Trev was playing his match: Kevin, me, Emily, Mark.

Tomorrow is Kevin & Kyle’s 32nd birthday, so Happy Birthday! We’re going out for dinner tomorrow to celebrate and I’m making them a cake for Sunday’s Super Bowl party at our house with a bunch of the cousins. We’re also celebrating cousin Melanie’s 21st birthday this weekend as well as our 6th wedding anniversary. There’s so much to celebrate!


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