Where I make stuff 2011

One of the top ten posts on my blog is this one: Where I make stuff. I posted it in October 2009. That was the last time I talked about my scrap space, so I thought I would do an update!

I tend to do some rearranging and reorganizing every 4-6 months. This helps me to get things in order so that I can access things easier and use what I have. I know that I am lucky and have a lot! I am also lucky to have the space for it. I have a majority of our “office” to use for my stuff.

Here is what my main scrap area looks like today after some more organizing this week:

Here is what my main scrap area looked like in October 2009:

As you can see, not TOO much has changed. I still absolutely love my IKEA Expedit shelves and desk. They work perfectly for me. I wish I could have fit the bigger shelving unit in this room, but this works great for now. I feel like now this area is less cluttered than it was a year ago because I’ve taken more time to go through things and let some things go. Also, I added a lot more paper storage (I used to have some boxes and bins of paper stacked on top of the Expedit that I found a better place for)! Believe it or not, I haven’t been buying much paper. I have bought very little in the past several months besides some cardstock. In the past year I only bought paper with coupons a few times, and have been sent some paper for doing surveys.

I love these storage drawers! I buy them at Target and they are the perfect size for paper. The boxes you see on top hold embellishments that I bought clearanced (Making Memories Vintage Findings and K&Co. Handmade). The top two brown boxes are the boxes I keep my scraps in. They are Martha Stewart boxes I bought for cheap at Tuesday Morning.ย One is my patterned paper scraps and the other is my cardstock scraps. I have my paper sorted by manufacturer mostly, and then I have 3 drawers of cardstock and 1 drawer of Christmas paper.

This dresser will hopefully be mostly cleared off soon. I have a bin of some craft supplies (non-scrapbook related), a basket of stuff for my label maker, a couple of photo boxes, and then my Silhouette SD and mats.

This tote holds most of my tools. I have been debating for quite a while now if I should keep using this tote or buy one of these:

It’s a Making Memories desktop carousel. It might be better use of space. I’m not sure though. Thoughts?

Here is a closeup of my main working area:

The shelf above me holds buttons, tapes, and other little things. On top of the Expedit are old photo albums, an organizer with alphas, an organizer with chipboard alphas (that I rarely use sadly), drawers of flowers, my ribbon organizer, and a little basket with my latest purchases I like to use. The top rows of baskets hold punches, extra stamps, acrylic blocks & ink pads, card making supplies, journaling stickers and papers, embellishments, and glitter. The bottom rows that you can’t see in this photo hold binders of clear stamps, 8 1/2 x 11 papers, various art supplies, empty scrapbook albums and inserts, a bin of some kits I still have, and some other various items. The plastic drawers I have under my desk hold my Thickers and other similar alphas. I have some other random supplies in some baskets underneath as well. Too much!

Thanks for taking the tour. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy Friday!



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3 responses to “Where I make stuff 2011

  1. Kathy/Mom

    Can you please come here for a week and help organize my scraproom? Yours is wonderful.

  2. kim

    i always love seeing your organizing skillz. and i think you should get that organizer. i finally upgraded my utensil organizer to one like that at work and i haven’t regretted it at all. i love it! get it! ๐Ÿ™‚ or ask for it for v’day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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