What I’ll Remember, 2010

When I think of 2010 I will remember:

*Watching lots of friends turn 30. Jill coming from Milwaukee and staying so we could go to Betsy’s party together. Listening to Betsy play the piano and sing and sing, thinking about growing up and how special our friendship is.

*Turning 30 myself. Walking into my living room in the dark, seeing movement and being scared to death, only to then see a room full of my fave people when the lights were turned on. Quite the surprise party!

*Going to Georgia and South Carolina with Mom to visit her brother Jeff and see my cousin Kirsten perform at a dinner theater. Our adventures traveling around in Uncle Jeff’s car, how unexpectedly cold it was, seafood and wine every day. I’ll always remember the day we spent with Jeff, Ginger, and Ginger’s sister Eileen and her husband Dick. It was a special day of a pontoon ride, brownies and coffee, great conversation, and a lovely meal together.

*The day in January I backed my car down the driveway and ended up sliding down and getting stuck in the alley. Unsure of what to do, I called Trevor, only to find out he was five minutes away from home late morning on a weekday because he had just been laid off from his job. What a completely helpless feeling that came over me as I sat in my car, stuck in the alley and wondering what we were going to do.

*The many hours we spent painting the living room because I didn’t like the first color we painted. All the music we listened to playing from my iTunes.

*A summer of Tungseth cousins staying with us for Twins games. Psycho Suzi’s with Adam and Ruby and watching the Twins game with them in the rain. Big Louie’s with Britta and Justin talking about family and faith, while Justin was sitting there in his Twins Suit Guy attire, getting many looks from others in the restaurant.

*Going to Gospel Fest in Duluth to sing with the Sanctuary Covenant Church choir. In a big van with a bunch of choir members with Colleen driving and going through Mountain Dew withdrawal.

*Singing karaoke with my brothers in Sheboygan when we were there for Mother’s Day.

*Eating donuts on the pontoon boat on Hoot Lake with Trevor, Loren, Sharon, Kevin, and Diva on the 5th of July and watching them fish. We were tired and it was so quiet compared to the day before.

*Watching all the little kids dance around to Irish music at Live on the Drive, our friends’ little girl Adyra holding the hands of the other children and dancing in a circle with kids of all different races, a great representation of our neighborhood. It was beautiful.

*My couple of days at Lake Week, without Trevor, and mostly with the aunts and uncles. Swatting flies with Linda and Cheryl. Wiping out and cutting open my elbow. Reconoitering in the mornings.

*Driving to Iowa with Betsy to meet up with Jill and help her find an apartment. Seeing “Inception” at the theater and it stopping in the middle and starting back after a few minutes and how angry the crowd was! So funny. Me keeping us on track to make sure we were where we needed to be when we needed to be. How hot it was. Singing Amy Grant songs on the way there.

*Katie and Bob. Everything’s “amazing.” Starburst and reading in bed. Minnesota nice. Wolf pack.

*Working at rock n’ roll camp. “Money” “Cry, Cry, Cry” “It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll”. Working with the girls on their harmonies. Calming a 12-year-old perfectionist like myself when she couldn’t remember the harmonies.

*Renata here and gone too quickly. Red Berries tea. Pink flip-flops.

*Amy’s date for a Jewish wedding. SO much joy.

*Screaming as I yanked on Cash’s leash to rescue him from two dogs attacking him. It felt like an eternity. I couldn’t sleep very well for over a week.

*Trev getting his last severance check and then getting the call with a job offer when we were in Fergus and going out to dinner with his parents to celebrate.

*Cousins camping trip. Sitting around the fire talking and talking. Teaming together at meal times, and skillet!

*The day before Labor Day, staying up until 4 AM sitting around a fire in our backyard with Trevor, Adam, Kevin, and Britta. Talking about the Bible, what we’ve been through, memories of Grandma Tungseth, love lives.

*Going to see Arcade Fire with Emily. Leaving in the pouring rain and trying to find our way back to the parking garage, drenched and happy.

*Spending an impromptu day with Erin, having awesome talks and good laughs.

*Warm and cozy in our camper cabin with Matt and Jen, camping in October. Listening to Kings of Convenience and Lykke Li, playing cards, Norwegian sweaters, playing in the Fall leaves.

*Listening to Auntie Lu’s testimony on her 80th birthday and thinking about the miracle of her life, bowling with the Dunstervilles, laughing with Kristin, seeing red, Hand and Foot.

*The coldest Thanksgiving ever, the frozen lake, my frozen fingers, the bright sky.

*At Gasthof’s with Brian and Jennie, an old man playing accordian at our table, singing about how there is no beer in Heaven.

*The phone call from cousin Jen, and then sitting in Arizona by the Fountain Hills fountain and palm trees, listening to Christmas music. The hymn sung in Norwegian at Uncle John’s memorial. Eirik falling asleep on my lap.

There was so much more, but these are what stand out to me most. I’ll be able to be reminded about a lot of it with Project 365. What a year 2010 was. I’m ready for whatever 2011 has to bring.


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