Checking my mail box, hoping to see your pretty faces

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I’ve always loved sending and receiving snail mail, so it’s no surprise that I love Christmas cards! I’m always excited when December arrives and the cards start coming. It seems like not as many people send cards now, but it is so quick and easy to do so with the digital photo sites that are out there now. I usually take a while to plan out what I want to send for our Christmas card, and I have made handmade cards sometimes, but there are great options online for photo cards that take no time to put together!

I have made cards through Snapfish, SeeHere, and Shutterfly, and Shutterfly is definitely my favorite place! They have so many different designs to choose from and they are all gorgeous.

Here are a couple of my favorite designs, but I’m not sure which of the many options available I will end up using for this year’s card. I guess I should figure that out pretty soon…

I have made other cards before to use as Thank You cards, and they are beautiful. Shutterfly is also my favorite place to make photo books.

Getting a Christmas card in the mail puts a smile on my face, just knowing someone took the effort to send holiday greetings, especially in the age of e-mail and facebook. It really is worth the time! I cherish the cards, and I save them in my Christmas card scrapbooks I keep. It’s so fun to look back at the cards from each year!


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