Fade In/Fade Out

I used to have this friend that talked to me/e-mailed me every day, and we would see each other every weekend. We would talk about every day stuff, tell stories from our pasts, talk about entertaining things we witnessed at work or in our apartment buildings or on the Internet, that sort of thing. Every couple of months I would just stop hearing from him completely for a few days or even a couple of weeks. He would withdraw from the world and keep completely to himself. It had nothing to do with me or anyone else; he would just do this and not really talk to Anyone. Then he would randomly go back to the usual e-mails and phone calls (this was before everyone was texting) like he hadn’t skipped a beat, and that was that. I never really understood it, but I see myself and other people doing this with their blogs. So I guess I kind of understand it now. Sometimes, you just have to stop typing and sharing and step back for a bit.

It’s been a month since you’ve heard anything from me. Don’t worry. I just haven’t felt like making all the effort I guess. I started walking the dog again, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I just stuck with neighborhood streets instead of heading straight for the parkway. When big dogs bark and jump up and down and sound vicious I am more scared than ever, but hopefully all the fear won’t stick around forever. Cash is healing up nicely from the attack. You’d never know it happened except he barks more aggressively at large dogs now.

In September we:

*went to the state fair and ate lots of deliciously bad for us food

*had some cousins over for what turned into an up til 5 AM bonfire

*my friend Michelle visited and stayed a night

*I got to see my old roomie Sarah & her 4 kids while she was here visiting from Atlanta

*I went with my friend Becca and her mom Karen to the Handmade Market at the Creative Connection event here in downtown Minneapolis

*My bro and his girlfriend came up from Sheboygan to hang with us for a weekend

*Emily and I went to the Arcade Fire show at Roy Wilkins in St. Paul and it was pretty much perfect

*Trev and I helped out at a tree planting event at the elementary school down the street and some Minnesota Vikings football players were there

*Trev and I helped out at a Love Minneapolis (whadaya know, my photo made the recap on the site) event at the same elementary school (through the Sanctuary CDC) and I made about 100 pancakes

*I got my hair cut a lot shorter.

*We hung out a few times with Brian and Jennie and had some hilarious moments together.

*I spent a lot of time with girlfriends and scrapbooked probably like twice the whole month.

I would also like to mention that my flowers are all starting to really die which makes me sad because this year I was not ready to let Fall take over. You can take a look at my gardening photos here.

I am pretty amazed that this:

became this:

It would look even more impressive if I knew what I was doing and had staked them.

I guess I’m going to accept that it’s Fall now. I’ll come back soon with some more photos of fun things.

This month should be pretty busy and fun! Hello Autumn. I guess you’re not so bad.

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One response to “Fade In/Fade Out

  1. Jen

    I’m glad your walking and I hope your fear fades quickly. Have you started carrying any protection?
    Seems like a good month over-all though. 🙂
    Your flowers are beautiful – If i were to try the same thing – the “before” picture would also be my “after” picture 🙂 🙂 Wish they would stay until we got there!!

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