Keep It Real

It’s been a busy week.

The house is pretty messy, at least for me. I even scrapbooked last night and the room still looks like this today. I’ve barely been home all week! I’ve got to get some things done this weekend! My flowers definitely need to be watered and pruned and some weeding needs to happen too. Laundry? What’s that? Oh, and I haven’t bought groceries in a while. Oops.

BUT, my friend Renata is here for just a few days from Brazil! She’s here visiting her cousin, and I’m so happy to see her. I wish she could visit more often! I’m hoping to get to spend more time with her this weekend, and if that means the other stuff gets neglected, I’m going to make myself ok with that!

Sometimes, I gotta keep it real!



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2 responses to “Keep It Real

  1. Jen

    Too right Cousin of mine 🙂 Hope you enjoy your time with your friends this weekend!

  2. Kathy/Yo Mom

    You know this looks a lot better than MY messy scraproom!

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