Our 4-year-old pooch

On Sunday, Cash Howard the cockapoo turned 4 years old! That means he’s 28 in dog years.

I love this little dog. He is my buddy! I love having a little friend around to take care of and keep me company.

We got him in 2006 from a breeder in Iowa after finding him through the Star Tribune. I had been working from home a lot and wanted some company, especially because I would get a little uneasy about being home by myself so much. We did two things- got a security system, and a dog! I grew up loving large dogs. We had a black labrador named Cocoa who was the best dog ever. Trevor grew up with dobermans in his home, so he also liked large dogs. We decided that our house and yard were too small for a big dog. Trevor remembered one of his childhood friends having a cockapoo, and we liked everything we read about them. That’s what brought us to finding our little guy. His mom was a black cocker spaniel named Lady and his dad was a white poodle named Curly. He is the perfect combination of the two of them (and he doesn’t shed)!

When we picked him up from the groomer on September 10, 2006 I wasn’t expecting to see such a tiny little pup or to fall in love so quickly! One of the groomer’s kids, a little girl, handed him to me and said, “Here’s your new puppy! What are you going to name him?” We had originally chosen the name Howard because we thought it would be funny/cute to call him Howie, but then went with Cash after both reading the book “Cash” by Johnny Cash that summer. So Cash Howard it was. He was a tiny little thing that weighed only 4 pounds. In the car on the way home he crawled up and wanted to be on my shoulder. At home he would either sit on our feet or climb up to our shoulders!

The first night home, we put him in the kitchen and used baby gates to keep him in. We also put his kennel in there, hoping he would make it his home. He cried most of the night. The next morning Trevor found him in the hallway, sleeping on his shoe! He had figured out a way to climb out! We had a smart little guy! Training a puppy takes a lot of work and patience, we discovered.

The first year that we owned him we found him eating decon (mouse poison), playing with a lighter, chewing on a box of bullets, and somehow he managed to survive! He also chewed up some pictures and Trevor’s wallet. He loved to play with the toilet paper roll. Now that he is a little bit older he rarely gets into anything, which is nice!

I love that as Cash has gotten a bit older (and now 22 pounds), he has gotten more cuddly. He has settled down. He is still fun and gets hyper and is entertaining, but he mostly just hangs out. I love how smart he is and how many words he knows. He rings a bell on the back door to go outside. He waits to come in the house when it’s raining so we can wipe off his paws. He is so happy when we get home after being gone for a while. He knows the names of his favorite people and goes crazy when he hears anyone talk about Kyle. He loves to go for walks. He hangs out with me when I am gardening and periodically gives me a quick kiss while I’m pulling weeds. He comes downstairs with me when I do the laundry. He is fascinated by friends’ babies. He notices when any of our home decor changes and will stand and stare at new things I put on the wall! He poses for photos. I am so blessed to have a little buddy like him. Happy Birthday (Sunday) Cash!


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  1. Mom

    Happy Birthday, Grandpuppy! You are the funniest dog ever! (Is that Jake the squeeky toy? you never told me if Cash liked it.)

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