Perfect July Weekend

It’s been a great weekend so far! Trev is out on a bike ride with Eli and I’ve been working on my Project 365 scrapbook. Sometime soon I’ll show you what I decided to do with all these photos I’ve been taking!

Last night Raef & Danelle & little dog Ralphie, and our neighbors Nate & Martha and little Zach came over to eat dinner with us. Trev grilled up some beer brats and I made some veggie foil packs and caramel apple salad. The weather was perfect! Then Raef, Danelle, Timi, Lisa, Trev, and I headed over to Robbinsdale for Whiz Bang Days and ended up at the new restaurant The Lodge where the cover band Boogie Wonderland was playing. It was a fun night!

Today we went with Jeremy, Becca, and Cora to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market where we bought lots of veggies and ate some cinnamon roasted cashews.  We then picked up some lunch at Fire & Ice a few blocks away and brought it home to eat. It was super good, just like the first time we ate there. Cash the cockapoo was fascinated with baby Cora and kept wanting to sit by her and give her kisses. It was a great morning/afternoon!

Also, my friend Jen was working at the market today, selling hummus.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


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