While we were in Fergus Falls last weekend I was able to go to several rummage sales with my mother-in-law, Sharon. I haven’t been to any in a super long time. I found this suitcase from the 70’s at the very first one for $1, and it’s in perfect condition! I found everything else at 2 other sales, mainly 1.

What I found:

the suitcase, a scarf, a tablecloth, 2 packages or tracing paper, rick-rack, several cards of buttons, 3 jars of buttons (2 large and 1 small),  a 3-tiered tin of some sort, a book of needles, a deck of cards, an egg cup from Norway, a frog, and several little miniatures (deer, turtle, mouse, mushrooms, etc.). Fun fun! I got everything for less than a total of $20.

I went through the buttons today. There were a lot of plain ones but there were some really colorful and old pretty ones too. I think I’ll use the suitcase to organize stuff in my scrap area.

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