Summer Television

It’s summer, and summer TV isn’t always that great. Of course it’s a great time to be outside gardening and biking and everything….except for when it rains like it has been! I like to watch TV and movies while I scrapbook whenever I get a chance. I also watch while doing laundry and other organizing.  Anyway, I thought I’d do a little post on what I’ve been watching now that it’s summer.

What I watch comes from a few different places:  network TV, Netflix (both mail and streaming), and We can watch all of these on our TV either through Tivo and/or our PlayStation 3.

As far as network TV, Trev and I have been watching “Friday Night Lights” and “Last Comic Standing”. FNL is one of our fave shows, and especially for Trevor. I’ll always think the first season was the best, but it still has great acting and emotion and all of that. I haven’t watched Last Comic Standing in a really long time and am enjoying this season so far. I’m not sure about the judges yet. Doesn’t Natasha Leggero look just like Eliza Dushku? I also DVR “Lie to Me” but haven’t watched any of this season yet.

Trev and I started looking for a new TV show to rent from Netflix. We tried watching “Mad Men”, but after 3 episodes decided it wasn’t for us. I know, you are probably all shocked…but it was just too depressing and I didn’t want to devote anymore time to it. Also, January Jones is not a very good actress. After that we rented the old show “Wonderfalls” that lasted less than a season. Trev didn’t care for it but I plan on watching all 13 episodes or however many there are. We’ve watched the first 4 episodes so far. I really like how creative it is. Not sure what we’ll try and watch next. We still have season 2 of “24” to finish up, and Netflix has all the seasons on streaming! Any suggestions on other shows to rent from Netflix?

On hulu I’ve been watching “Royal Pains”. I watched it last season, and since we don’t have cable anymore I’m glad I can watch this season on hulu! I watched the pilot of “Pretty Little Liars” also but it was pretty bad all around. Anyone else watch shows on hulu?

I’ve also been watching “Alias”, since I never saw it when it was on TV. I rented season 1 through Netflix and then bought season 2 from Half Price Books. I got season 3 used through Amazon for a few bucks and just started watching it yesterday. 🙂 I’ll be looking for good deals on the last 2 seasons. It’s easier to do it this way than watching through Netflix because I prefer to get something both Trevor and I can watch together through Netflix.

What are you watching this summer?


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2 responses to “Summer Television

  1. I’ve just finished watching Lie To Me – Season 1 and its great…Dr. Cal Lightman 😛

  2. jenniphifer

    have you ever watched The IT Crowd? I know Netflix has all three seasons.

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