Project 365

A week ago I decided to start doing Project 365. I started documenting my daily life with one photo a day, beginning with my 30th birthday on March 31st. I’ve decided to post weekly about the past week’s photos. The idea is to take a photo to document the day and capture the things you don’t always document. I take so many photos anyway, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m sure some of the things I would have taken photos of anyway, but I am trying to also take photos of other things I wouldn’t have thought of. I am also doing this here.

Project 365, Week One


These are all the cards I got for my 30th birthday, which is the day I started on.


I actually took this photo with my cell phone when we stopped by Holy Land on our way back from Roseville. We bought some groceries there.


Trevor’s cousin Britta and her boyfriend Justin came down to Minneapolis from Fargo for the weekend. Theywere here for the Twins exhibition games. When they left for the game, Britta’s two dogs, Dakota and Kirby, stood up to look out and watch them leave. I think their Twins gear makes them even cuter. They are the cutest little dogs!


Trev’s cousin Britta’s boyfriend Justin made himself a Twins suit to wear to Twins baseball games. He wore it to the games and made it on to two news shows and on We’ve hardly seen him wear anything else the entire weekend!


It was really hard to pick which photo to use for Easter day, but I decided to go with this one. After our big Easter meal at Trevor’s aunt and uncle’s house, we all headed outside to the backyard for egg games, both with raw and hard-boiled eggs. Here’s the egg toss. The definite winners were Diva and Kevin, who had a seemingly indestructible raw egg that bounced off of them, trees, the ground, without breaking.


I spent a few hours reading this book and finished it. Interesting, but I wish there was more meat to it.


It’s only the beginning of April, but things are starting to grow because of the nice weather we’ve had for the past week. I planted lamb’s ear by the back door last year, and this new growth is coming up through the old. I can’t believe how much it has grown already! I might have to move it to another location. I’m still waiting to clear away all the leaves and dead plants because I don’t trust that it won’t snow again sometime in the next month!



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2 responses to “Project 365

  1. Jen

    i can’t wait to see your photos over the next year! 🙂

  2. Great start. I too started on my birthday in December 2009. It is surprising how easy it is to get into a routine, although I have had some days when I suddenly realized it was 11:30PM and I hadn’t taked a photo yet that day.

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