A color called Squirrel

As you know, last week we painted the living room. I have been wanting to paint the living room for months, but Trevor hasn’t felt up to it. I eventually said that I would be happy if it was at least painted before my 30th birthday, so that is why last week was the week. Since we had our friends James and Michelle coming to visit from out of town, we had to have the painting all done and the house put back together by Friday afternoon.

We bought the paint on Monday after trying out different paint samples. I thought it might be lighter than I had wanted, but not too much. After spending a few hours painting on Tuesday I realized that the paint color was much too light, and it wasn’t really the gray color I was hoping for either. It had a violet or blue look to it! It also made the room feel cold. I hated it! When Kyle got here to meet up with Trevor to go to pool leagues and asked if we had painted our living room white, I knew we had to start over.

Wednesday morning Trevor had a meeting, so after that we headed to Home Depot and bought new paint. That morning I was freaking out looking around on Home Depot’s website and asking for help on facebook. I also had Betsy on the phone looking at paint colors with me. Trevor helped me settle on the color “Squirrel” by Behr. We went home and painted two coats that day. Thankfully the weather was awesome and we had the windows open and listened to music. We started out listening to 89.3 the current and then ended up listening to R.E.M. and The White Stripes. It looked great after two coats! Thursday morning we got up and did the touch up painting. We also took the painter’s tape off and touched up in those areas. After hours of Beck on shuffle, the room was done! I finished off by cleaning all the baseboards and door and window frames. We put all the furniture back after dusting it with Pledge, and everything was in it’s place and clean and great! I am so happy with how it turned out, even if it is a bit dark.

Here is the room before:

And here it is after!

It’s the same loveseat that once belonged to Great Aunt Frieda, just without the slipcover. The lighthouse picture used to be in this spot and we brought it back up from the basement again. I am so happy with how it turned out!


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One response to “A color called Squirrel

  1. kim

    i had a great aunt frieda, too!

    i love the new color!

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