Sunny Sunday

It’s a beautiful day here in Minneapolis. It’s 48 degrees! It is so nice to see the sun shining. We just got back from a nice walk. We were out for over an hour walking in our neighborhood and down the parkway. There are lots of people out walking their dogs, and kids riding their bikes and scooters. I hope this weather stays and we don’t get anymore snowstorms! We are already talking about our plans for another raingarden and planting something on the side of our house (we live on a corner lot).



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3 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  1. Jen

    I would like to take a walk with you three. 🙂 glad to see the sun shining for you.

  2. It was a gorgeous sunny day here too! Loved it!

  3. Hi Karin! Yay, we’re blog friends. 🙂 I drove by a bank that said 63 yesterday–it made me very happy!

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