The gym

Well, it’s back to the gym.

We’ve had a gym membership for a couple of years. Last Thanksgiving Trevor broke his hand and had it in a cast type thing. This caused us to take a break from going to the gym, and once he got the cast off we kept keeping busy and making excuses. Last week we finally went back. There just is not a good enough excuse.

Trevor likes going to the gym. He says that afterwards it makes him feel great. He needs the motivation but once he’s there he’s good. Personally, I hate the gym. So, what am I doing wrong? I don’t like going, and once I am there I can’t wait to leave. When I leave I feel tired and crappy, not all kinds of energy or adrenaline or any of that. I like doing things outdoors, like walking the dog and riding my bike. I live in Minnesota though, so I’m stuck.

The only reason I go to the gym is that I hate gaining weight and I like the obvious health benefits. So is there anyone else out there like me?



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2 responses to “The gym

  1. Kathy

    A friend asked me if I like walking on my new treadmill. Are you kidding me? I basically just endure it. I turn on the tv to distract myself and I just keep moving. I have noticed that I am able to walk faster now and for a longer period of time. I am not as exhausted after my walk. I wouldn’t say I feel physically better but throughout the day I remember that I exercised and that makes me happier with myself.

  2. kim

    i don’t love the gym either. and also like you, i don’t love the weight gain either. however, i do love multi-tasking! i pretty much ONLY go to the gym when there’s a show on that i’d be watching normally. i go to the gym for that hr and watch there. i figure i could be watching from my couch while eating ice cream or watching while walking. it just kind of helps me feel like it’s not “stealing” an hour from me. find a girl buddy to go with you. i think that’d help me be more motivated to go!

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