I’m back. I think I’ve taken too long of a break from this little keepingawake friend of mine. I’ll start back with the meme I’ve seen going around the interwebs. So, here are some “secrets” of mine.

*I’m much much less outgoing than I used to be. I take a lot longer to open up and it takes longer for new people to get to know me.

*I need time to sing, listen to music, and create things to feel balanced and happy. I am not myself when I go too long without these things.

*I used to think my life would be sadder without cable. I was wrong. Tivo, less TV, and more music make me much happier.

*I have a hard time trying new things because I am very afraid of failure. Attempting to garden and learn how to cook since being laid off were big deals to me, and I am happy I am learning!

*When I feel like my life is out of control, I clean and organize a lot of things.

*It is really good to know people that have a lot in common with me, but I also love to be around people who are very different from me. It makes life way more interesting. I am fascinated by other cultures, talents, tastes, etc.

*I love differences but always notice similarities that not everyone would notice or care about, like if a majority of people around me are wearing the same color, or have something in common with one another, or other types of coincidences.

*I am very good at remembering names and details about people, but most of the things I remember from the past are things I’ve written down in a journal. If I write something down, I remember it.

*I love miniature sized things.

*I am fascinated by twins and other multiples, and have known many twins throughout my life. I am also fascinated with little people.

*I wish I sent more snail mail to people. I used to be a lot better at it.

*I’ve had a lot of friends that have disappeared from my life with no explanation and it takes me a long time to get over it.

*I love being around lots of people but I actually don’t like throwing parties because the whole time I am concerned that not everyone is having a good time.

*I used to write a lot of poetry and lyrics, but after college I stopped.

*I love using coupons…almost as much as I used to love finding used CDs for super cheap.

*After growing up with a black lab for a pet, I didn’t think I could own any other breed. Having a cockapoo has been a lot better than I would have thought though. He’s pretty awesome.

*My house is 1000 sq ft and almost 100 years old. I used to complain about it a lot but now I love it.

*I am really lucky to have lots of cousins and lots of cousins-in-law. They are my favorite people.

*I always have tons of things I want to do but I am bad at making time for most of them.

*My fave fast food is Taco Bell.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. 🙂


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