i’m a winner.

I read a lot of blogs. I probably read more than the average person, I would think. I maintain this addiction by using Google Reader to do so. If you don’t use something like it already, what are you waiting for?!

A lot of the blogs I read are scrapbooking blogs, including blogs of manufacturer’s and magazines. A lot of these blogs have giveaways on them. I leave comments all the time to win stuff. There’s probably a post every other day about a giveaway. Well, the other day I commented on a Paper Crafts blog post. It’s a magazine that I actually am a subscriber to via my mom. Today I saw that I was picked out of the over 300 comments….I am totally shocked that I finally won something! It’s the K&Company Evergreen collection. So fun!

k and co evergreen prize

I am just waiting for Trev to get home and the house smells good because I’ve had a pot roast in the crockpot all day! Happy almost weekend everyone!



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2 responses to “i’m a winner.

  1. kim

    so awesome and exciting!!!

  2. Kathy

    Wow. This is totally awesome! Looks like a fabulous collection.

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