Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween always feels so nice to me because it’s not just Halloween. Two of my favorite people ever were born on Halloween- my late Grandpa Pedersen (my paternal grandfather who lived to be 101, and if he were still around would be 106), and my beautiful cousin Jen (also another Pedersen). Happy Birthday!

I bought Cash this skeleton “costume” t-shirt on clearance at Target for $4 a couple years ago. My favorite part is that the skeleton glows in the dark. Maybe I can get a glow in the dark shot later. Cash is not a fan of it however….the only clothing he doesn’t mind me putting on him is his little hoodie. So when I came outside with the skeleton t-shirt he turned around from me and sat down facing the corner of the yard. Ha! I managed to get these couple shots anyway because he is really good about posing for photos….he’s used to it…..;-)

Just noticed his tail is hiding in this pic. Don’t worry, I took the t-shirt off after this photo and his tail was wagging once again!



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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. So funny that he knew what the t-shirt was for! Also, I love that welcome sign with the bird.

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