Signs signs everywhere there’s signs

Now that I had my scrap area cleaned up, I decided to make new signs for our doors. We live on a corner lot, and people come to both the front and back doors. Over a year ago I stocked up on some wooden signs from the dollar store and they’ve come in handy! I had a door sign that I made hanging on the front door, but it really is quite spring/summer looking, so I wanted to make something that didn’t look too seasonal. I painted the sign navy and then attached this Amy Butler paper. I made the little pinwheel flowers using this tutorial.

On the back door, I hadn’t had a sign there in a long time. My friend Michelle painted this little bird in a tree plaque for me. It was really hard to get wire to stay on it to hang it up, so this is the solution I found. I used E600 glue and attached it to one of my dollar store signs that I had painted with white acrylic paint. I then stamped “Welcome to the” using acrylic stamps and Staz-on ink and then put the stickers on the bird to spell Tungseths. I replaced the plain white string with some ribbon to hang it up. I think it turned out nice.




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2 responses to “Signs signs everywhere there’s signs

  1. Jeremy

    I noticed the sign last night. I thought “Hey that is new… I bet Karin made it.”

  2. Those signs are adorable. We have 2 doors to our house too. We always use the front door instead of the side door. You gave me an idea of how to make a cute sign that says “Please go to the front door.”
    You are so creative.

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