Closet redo

I haven’t done any scrapping in a couple of weeks….but I have been motivated to get some organizing done. My clothes and closet have been frustrating and disorganized, so I’d been wanting to go through them and get rid of stuff I haven’t been wearing. I had been hoping to take care of this project LAST weekend, but that didn’t happen! I finally finished the project today.

We live in an almost 100-year-old little home, which has two closets. Yes, two closets. And they are not large closets. I think my closet is the smallest I’ve seen anyone I know have….I use the closet in the bedroom that we use as our office. Trev’s clothes are in the closet in our bedroom, as well as all of our shoes, and all our towels. No linen closet so what do you do? That’s what you do, although we aren’t liking it much. Trevor built another closet in the basement bedroom, but it isn’t very accessible. Anyway, my clothes are in the closet and dresser in the office. I started out by taking the tons of clothes I had thrown on the side hooks in the closet and on the floor and put them on the dresser. After that I thought to take a picture, so these aren’t the for real before, but more like early progress photos.

I got rid of a lot of stuff that didn’t need to be taking up space in the closet. I put sweatshirts and sweaters on the top shelf instead of stuff I haven’t touched in months. I reorganized my dresser drawers and emptied two of them that I was able to use for other stuff (photos, extra scrap stuff, etc.).

Here it is empty!

Here’s what it looks like now.

And I filled up all these bags to donate!

Cash was right by me pretty much the whole time looking at everything. He was not happy that I put a teddy bear in one of the donate bags and was trying to take it out. Sometimes he is such a kid! Ha!



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2 responses to “Closet redo

  1. SO NOT FAIR that you have the Cricut and the thing that holds more than one cartridge! If you ever decide you don’t like it let me know I know someone who would! Haahaha. Closet looks good.

  2. Kathy

    Do you hire out? I could use your help!

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