Almost done scrapping 2007…

I’ve been scrapping more lately. I think it’s the weather. And the less crazy schedule. And Trevor is taking grad school classes online again so when he’s in the office doing homework sometimes I like to sit in the office and scrap. And then Cash curls up on the floor between our two chairs. 🙂

We went on a road trip in October 2007 with our friends James and Michelle to House on the Rock and the area. I made a Shutterfly photobook of the photos Michelle and I took. There were so many! But I had saved little things along the trip for a scrapbook. So I ended up making a page for my scrapbook and used some of the things I had saved….for almost two years.

Not the best photos, but Milton was the cutest little lion for Halloween 2007.

And photos from my parents’ visit in October 2007.  We surprised my dad with a tour of Caribou Coffee since he loves the coffee so much and our next door neighbors happen to work at the headquarters.

And a couple other stops with my parents.

It is a rainy day today. Trev’s working from home, and LeafGuard is supposed to be installing our new gutters but I don’t know if that will happen with this weather. After the workday we plan on doing some shopping at Costco and Target, and maybe Trader Joe’s. We have a gift card for Target that Trevor got from working at his work’s booth at the state fair, and lots of good coupons to use at Costco. Fun fun! I’m planning on finally buying new DVD storage that will hold all of our DVD’s AND keep them all behind doors. Can’t wait!


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  1. I’ve gone past Mickey’s Diner so many times, but never gone inside. I really like what you did with the Conservatory page!

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