Fairwell worst driveway ever!

Our worst driveway ever is finally gone!

When Trevor bought this house seven years ago, it had this horrible driveway. He has always regretted not using his equity to put in a new driveway right away. Over the past several years the driveway has only gotten worse. To enter my garage, I have to actually try really hard to get my car into the driveway at just the right angle. It’s easier from one way than the other. If you try from the other way, you have to go at just the right angle and speed and 95% of the time bottom out. In the winter, I have gotten my car stuck in the snow on this driveway. Shoveling snow on the driveway was not fun. And when more than just one person was in one of our cars, and especially when the car was full of people, it was not a pretty thing. The car scraped on the driveway and made a scary sound. I felt like I was slowly killing my car.

Here is what the driveway looked like on Sunday.

And now at long last, we finally had our driveway torn up and regraded properly, and now we have a lovely new driveway! I can’t tell you how exciting this is for us! New garage roof, new garage floor, and now new driveway.

Here it is before they made the saw cuts:

And here it is today, the finished beautiful new driveway!

I’m sure all the people in my life that have ever been in my car with me while driving in or out of my garage are shouting “Alleluia!” I know I am.

Now I won’t have to worry that I might trip myself on a rock or hole in the garage floor either!

Garage floor before:

And the garage floor after:


And I can’t wait to park my car in the garage on Tuesday (we have to wait that long, apparently).



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3 responses to “Fairwell worst driveway ever!

  1. that is awesome karin!! You’re not going to want to move now! Every time you come home for the next year or so your heart is going to sigh a happy sigh.

    thanks for the journal suggestions.. I’ll look into that.

  2. Becca

    It looks beautiful!!! I’m so happy for you!

  3. jillbrary

    That is so nice! What a relief for you.

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