Eight Things

Got this idea from Vanessa’s blog.

8 things I’m looking forward to:

1. Being with family and seeing my baby brother get married this Friday!

2. Having my other brother, his fiancee, and her daughter stay with us on Saturday.

3. Getting coffee with Renata this afternoon.

4. Our garage project being complete. The new garage roof is almost done, and next month we are getting a new garage floor and new driveway!

5. Going to the Minnesota State Fair with my in-laws.

6. Having some Tungseth cousins stay at our place in a couple weeks.

7. The Sunny Day Real Estate show at First Ave. next month.

8. Finding time to scrapbook again.

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Called Emily Jipp.

2. Ate a Turkey Tom at Jimmy John’s.

3. Went to Men’s Wearhouse with Trevor to bring him his suits so they could alter them.

4. Had church choir practice and practiced this song for next month.

5. Talked to Betsy for an hour.

6. Watched the documentary Maxed Out. It was good but was too one-sided talking about people as victims.

7. Talked to Mom and brother Andy.

8. Uploaded photos from Cate’s birthday party.

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Learn how to use our new camera better.

2. Learn how to really use Photoshop Elements.

3. Get a job that I really love.

4. Remember to take my dog for a walk every day.

5. Pray more.

6. Be a better gardener. Get more plants to put in our yard!

7. Travel a lot more!

8. Learn Norwegian.

8 TV shows I watch:

1. Lost

2. The Office

3. Fringe

4. Ugly Betty

5. 30 Rock

6. The Mentalist

7. CSI

8. The Little Couple

8 things I collect:

1. Paper

2. Bird stuff

3. My coke rewards points

4. Journals

5. Movies

6. Music

7. Jewelry

8. Miniature sized things


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