Nice day outside

I know this summer really has been busy when I think about the fact that I haven’t scrapbooked for myself since June! I have made some cards and gifts, but haven’t added to my personal scrapbooks. I have been trying to scrap my photos and get “caught up”. The last photos I scrapped were from June 2007….so I am a bit more than two years behind. Hopefully I can get more scrapping done after this month of craziness is over. I am hoping to get at least a couple pages scrapped this month!

I am about to go out and do some weeding in my garden. I just let the dog outside and saw a monarch butterfly flying around our yard! I don’t I’ve ever seen one in our yard before! This is my first day to myself all week. Yesterday I met up with my friend Jill for lunch and we walked around the lake at Como Park. I snapped this shot:

Jill has been living in Milwaukee for a year, and before that Iowa City, so I am happy any chance I get to spend some time with her. She is such a lovely friend!

Trevor and I also attended Live on the Drive last night, which took place just a few blocks from our house on Victory Memorial.

This month it was a salsa band called Charanga Tropical. It was a nice time to hang out with neighbors and hear some fun music. Trevor knows the organizers and had asked if he could help with anything, so they told him to get an approximate count of people in attendance. There were over 500 people there. I think they were hoping for more, but I thought it was a good turnout.


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