stupid vacuum cleaner

Trevor’s gone all day today hanging out with the guys. Before I hang out with my friend Renata, I decided to clean the house. For some reason the vacuum won’t turn on! I tried switching to a different outlet and that did nothing. So instead of vacuuming, I’ll show you the card and gift bag I made for Durwood (Darrin) & Kirsten’s wedding.

I tried to use colors similar to what their wedding invitation was.

Here’s the simple card I made with my Cricut. I like how it turned out. I really should use my Cricut more.

Trevor thinks he got the Norwegian wrong, but oh well, he’s just learning.

And here’s the envelope.

It was a rainy day yesterday, so I had to take these photos inside, which is why the colors are a little off. I still need to learn more about PhotoShop to really fix the color.



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2 responses to “stupid vacuum cleaner

  1. kim

    you are so talented!! i always think it and i don’t know if i say it enough! so creative! 🙂

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