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It is raining out right now and that makes me happy! It also makes my garden very happy. 🙂

This week has gone by quickly. I dogsat Jaxon the shih tzu again yesterday, and then after work Jen came and we ordered Sarpino’s and watched a Rwandan movie called Munyurangabo. For my birthday Jen got me a 3-month subscription to Film Movement, and this was one of the movies I received. The tagline is “An orphan of the Rwandan genocide travels from Kigali to the countryside on a quest for justice.” It won a few festival awards, so Jen had heard of it and had wanted to see it. It was a good movie, but a lot slower than I had expected. It was too slow in my opinion. We watched the short film of the month afterwards, a German film called AlpTraum. It was only 3 minutes long, and very cute/funny. Trevor heard us laughing from the other room.

I am off to run errands now. Tonight we are going to a friend’s wedding rehearsal (Trevor is ushering) and to the wedding tomorrow! It should be lovely.

I finally got the chance to edit the photos I took at Brittany’s shower last weekend, so here are a couple of my faves. It was a lovely time!

Have a great weekend!


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