Friends and coincidence

My cockapoo Cash Howard usually likes other dogs, but not all dogs want to play with him. His favorites seem to be my brother-in-law’s labrador, Elwood, and my friend Jen’s little shih-tzu, Jaxon. Jaxon hadn’t been over in a while, but to break up being stuck in an apartment all day long for a week while his aunt who usually brings him to work is away, Jaxon came over yesterday to hang out. He will also be spending the day with us tomorrow! It is so fun to see Cash and Jax play because they are both so cute. Yesterday they mostly wanted to hang out outside. Jax doesn’t get to spend much time outside without a leash since he lives in an apartment, so I wasn’t surprised!

Here they both are in the morning, hanging out.

Here they are in the afternoon playing in the yard.

And here is Jax all cuddled up on the pillows on the loveseat. Too adorable!

When Jen came to pick Jaxon up after work we chatted for a while, and she had mentioned that she had looked at the Bike Cops for Kids blog. She wanted to know if I had ever seen a couple of bike cops around, but I hadn’t to my knowledge. They ride their bikes around Minneapolis and give kids bike helmets, bikes, McDonald’s food, etc. Jen and I were standing in my front yard and suddenly I saw the 2 bike cops!  Jen said, “Hey I was just reading your blog today!” and one of the bike cops said, “You saw the blog? Isn’t it great?” and gave a smile and thumbs up. We just found it absolutely hilarious that Jen had just told me about them, and then ten minutes later we see them ride their bikes past my house. Too funny! Anyway, what a great program for kids this is! Definitely check out the blog if you get a chance.


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