Gardening transplants

With how busy and hot the past month has been, some of my flowers haven’t been doing as well as they had been. But others are doing great! I’m excited that some of the flowers I transplanted this year are actually making it!

Last year my mother-in-law Sharon gave me some irises, hostas, myrtle, and another flowering plant from her garden. This year the hostas came back, still pretty small, the irises came back but the squirrels dug them up, and the others didn’t come back at all. This year Sharon gave me some more to transplant. A couple plants I have no idea what they are. One isn’t doing well, but I’m hoping with some more water it will be okay and will come back nice next year. The others are doing very well!

Creeping Myrtle

Other ground cover

Unidentified plant that looks like it will flower soon- they are red flowers.


I’m also excited that my black eyed susans started to bloom

And my echinacea in my rain garden also started to bloom!

I am constantly looking for more plants for our yard that needs lots of help! Once we get all the new fence posts actually screwed on I will want to plant along the fence also. We are talking about doing another rain garden next to the fence on the side of our house because it’s where our neighbor’s rain spout is directed! That’s most likely the cause of the water that gets into our basement just a few feet away. A rain garden would help out a lot with that and do really well in that spot.


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