We like to make stuff

When my cousin Jen and I get together, about once a year, we always try to make stuff. We both love making crafts of all kinds. We’ve made matching sweatshirts with iron-on transfers, paint projects, clay candle holders, etc.  This time we made three projects, staying up late into the night to do so!

The first thing we made- drinking glasses. Well, we didn’t make the drinking glasses, but we painted them! I had a set of glasses from Pier 1 that I really liked that had a design hand painted on the bottom of them. People always asked if I had painted them, but they came that way! Over the past few years most of them broke, and I didn’t even have 4 matching glasses. I told Jen about it and she said it would be easy to paint our own. With less than 20 minutes before closing, we ran in and out of Michaels and Dollar Tree to get what we needed. We bought glasses at Dollar Tree, and glass paint at Michaels. We took all the stickers and gunk off the bottom of the glasses, and then hand painted the bottom with the glass paint. They turned out pretty nice!

This is what my glasses looked like.

This is what Jen’s glasses looked like:

Our next project was purses. We decided to do iron-on transfers again and couldn’t find a good shirt for it, so we tried purses instead. We bought these purses for $10 each. We found an image online that we both liked of a bird in some brances. We printed it on dark transfers and then ironed them on the purses, which turned out really well. 🙂

Lastly, we got this project from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine I had. They had made an origami lotus flower and framed it. We made the flowers, but I have yet to actually do something with mine. I am hoping to display mine on the wall once I figure out how I want to do that.

Jen’s lotus flower:

My lotus flower:

Find the instructions to make this here.



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4 responses to “We like to make stuff

  1. Hey Karin!
    I love that you make stuff with your cousin when she comes to visit!! Your glasses are so pretty! One of my best friends and I do the same thing. We made skirts a couple of weeks ago:). Too fun!


  2. karin

    Thanks Julia. Isn’t it fun to have someone to make stuff with? I have a couple friends like that, but of course neither lives in the same city as me!

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