Bridal Shower for Brittany, Sheboygan edition.

Last weekend I went to my hometown of Sheboygan, WI to help my mom throw a bridal shower for my little brother Eric’s fiance Brittany. They are getting married next month and this past Saturday was the only day that worked out. The shower went really well! I think everyone had a lot of fun and Brittany got a lot of wonderful gifts. 🙂

I made my 3rd attempt at a fruit bouquet, but this time I made two! And I added some additional fruit- kiwi and orange. I think they turned out pretty well.

I made little favor bags and one of the favors was a magnet that I made with Eric and Brittany’s photo on it. I forgot to get a photo of that, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I had been wanting to make the kind with the flat clear glass marbles, but I couldn’t find a single place selling the large size that I used to buy! So instead i bought some inch 1/2 wood nickels and painted those. It worked out, but I wish I could have made the other kind. Oh well.

Mom made paper flower bouquets, using her Cricut to make the flowers. They turned out pretty cute. She also glued rose petals to the bottom of votives and they turned out really pretty too! We used scrapbook papers for placematts. 🙂

Mom had Eric & Brittany M&Ms made. Cute!

Here’s Mom at the table with all the food. She made two cakes: strawberry cake, and Hawaiin wedding cake.

Here’s our large group of ladies.

Here’s the lovely couple!


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