Vintage Findings

I have been scrapping a little bit this week. A little while ago I had some 50% off coupons for Michaels, so I went a couple of days and picked up some of the new Making Memories Vintage Findings line. So far I picked up the Word Funfetti, Garment Pins, Label Artisan Mix, and 3 of the mini kits: Girl, Memories, and Nature. What I bought inspired these pages. I did use some of what I bought, but most of what I made these pages with came from my stash. I am really liking the line but I’m not sure how well I can pull off the shabby chic vintage look. I love what other people do with it but haven’t tried it much myself.

All of these photos are from the time we spent in Trevor’s hometown, Fergus Falls, MN, in July in the summer of 2007. As you can see I am two years behind on scrapping our photos. Not too long ago I was 5 years behind, so I don’t feel so bad. šŸ™‚ Trevor’s parents live on a lovely lake and have a boat. It’s so fun! This was the first time our dog Cash Howard took a boat ride, and at one point when he was trying to reach over and drink out of the lake he fell out! Luckily we had him on a leash so Trev grabbed the leash and got Cash back in the boat. That same day he tried to take Cash swimming in the lake but Cash is not much of a swimmer and didn’t appreciate it. šŸ™‚ This last photo is pretty funny. Trev and his dad Loren were working on building a deer stand, so Trev dropped me off at James and Michelle’s house so M and I could do some scrapping and watch some movies. When we got there we laughed because we were wearing the same outfit. Too funny! We are heading to Fergus for the 4th of July to be there one time this summer (we are super busy this summer), so it should be fun.

Well we are off to our neighbors’ house to enjoy this beautiful weather today!


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